Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Today I am a Feeder.....................NOT!

So, I get out of a work meeting early yesterday - and it was gorgeous. 70, clear blue sky. What do I do - head to the park, of course.

Some good auto activity there, so I figured I'd get something back in the trails. I had only parked the car before the first guy was spotted in his Ford F-150 next to me. He nodded and lifted his hips exposing a nice 7" thick dick. I nodded, got out of the car and headed down the path. Coming the other way was this guy who looked young..tall and skinny. He didn't seem much my type (I pegged him as an eater) and I already had one on the line.

The truck guy followed me into the woods. The jig was up on if he was interested when he waved his cock at me. He was a complete redneck, complete with a t-shirt advertising bait and a hat w/a pistol embroidered on it. He reeked of hard liquor too. Either way - I was on my knees. He made no movement. Didn't talk. Didn't grab my head. Didn't fuck my face. Out of the blue he pulled me up by my armpits. And HE went down on ME. I'm not a feeder - but I thought, 'ok...let's try'. This is a guy no one would suspect as a cocksucker...let alone a good one. I thought I could actually cum in his mouth. But he huffed and I looked down to see him blowing his load on the dirt and his hand. When he got up, I grabbed the hand and licked it clean. I know he didn't know what to think of that.

After that, I left for another part of the park. Once again, I ran into the tall, lanky 'eater'. We eyeballed each other back along the river and the other guy kind of got me in a feeding mood. I thought....'why not?'. But before we made even that move, too many unknown people were milling around. He left...then I did.

Turns out we left for the same place. He followed me back to deep in the woods too. Sunglasses on both of us - we knew we were making contact..but a degree of mystery. Some rubs and I ask what he wants. "I like to watch." So, I gave him something to watch...I unzipped and pulled out my hardening cock. He did the same. A nice STIFF 7.5" that was at a 45 degree angle. We moved closer. I grabbed his prong and stroked. "All you wanna do is watch?". Turns out I was completely wrong about him being an eater. He was a complete feeder. My second chance at feeding someone was thwarted. Clearly, my greater mission of being a cocksucker was intact.

Soon, we came to an understanding that there was more to do than look at each other. I was on my knees and taking him all the way down. In between me sucking, I'd stand and we'd be face to face. So close - as if we were to kiss, but neither of us took that initative. I don't even know how to describe it, but the talk was implied filth. Each of us insinuating what we wanted, but not outright stating it....but eventually it progressed that way. But still - it was w/out emotion and more statement like...and completely hot.

I was really working on him when he said, "we have company". However, he did not pull out of my mouth or tuck himself I never stopped what I was doing. I did ask if the guy was watching...he said yes. I asked if it was a nice cock and he said yes. I started to pull off to look and the new guy said "don't stop, it looks good!". He walked closer and I did look at his prick. Big! Fat! Uncut w/lots of skin! I knew that dick. I kenw that dick from that very part of the park. It was my republican married feeder (see 'Sucking off the Enemy'). I went down on him while beig watched by the lanky guy.

From there I went back and one cock for another. The first guy says, 'more company' and we were joined by a very large man. Wau too overweight for my tastes, but it stopped none of us at that point. The GOP guy grunted and I knew he was there. I took every drop in my mouth and held it there. I pulled off him and went right down on Lanky Guy. The warmth of the other guys load in my mouth - or just the entire scene put him right over the edge and I caught his cream too.

By the time I cleaned him up, the GOP guy was walking down the path, zipping up. Lanky Guy was close behind him - which was a shame, I'd have loved to have gotten his contact info.

I got off my knees and the large man mumbled something about getting me off. But by that time, I had no interest in feeding anyone. It's not my place.

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