Monday, October 10, 2005

I Actually Feed

After getting my oil changed on Saturday, I cruised through one of the metroparks to see what was there. Being a cold, rainy morning, there wasn't much activity going on at all.

I was about to pack it in when a guy pulled up I had blown in the past. He parked next to me and we exchanged nods then a few words. He asked if I wanted to follow him back to his office (which I had been there before) and I did. The guy was in his 50s and a little short for my usual liking. His dick is a little less than average, but he loves my mouth and he shoots a decent load.

We get there and he says, 'man, I'd love to have your cock in my mouth'. I always forget he is a feeder in claims only. I truly believe he is as big as a cocksucker as I am, but I've never given it to him. I had my dick out of my underwear, but still in my jeans - so it showed really nice as I began to stiffen up. He put me in an office as he got on his cell to make sure one of his office mates was not going to be in today. While he did that, I pulled my hard cock out of my button-fly.

I'm sorry if it sounds like bragging, but it looked good. 8" of stiff stiff meat poking out through the jeans as I sat back on a stool, making it bounce and jump. He finally looked over and saw it and just dropped his jaw. Finally he put down his cell and walked over to me w/his dick out. He wanted me down on my knees and I decided 'not today'.

He wanted me to suck him off after he sucked me. I said 'no'. I could suck him off first - but then he'd have to suck me. He said he couldn't do that - which I understand, as depending on the guy, I can lose interested post-ejaculation. So right then and there, I said - 'you can just suck ME off!'. (I never mentioned that I wasn't planning on doing him.)

The guy was a pretty good fellatist. He could easily take me down to my 501 buttons and made Little Bikeguy feel real good. I knew I should be quiet since I was in an office - but I love having guys who are verbal and think I should give something back. I was looking down and him and just said, 'so....who's the fuckin' cocksucker now???'. He picked up the pace - so I know it turned him on.

I kept it up for a bit and kept telling him to 'suck my fuckin' prick' and he did. I pulled out a bottle of poppers and took a big hit. That put me right at the edge. I know my breathing gave away what was about to happen, but I just started to unload in his mouth. His head kept bobbing and I told him 'STOP MOVING'. I get very sensitive when I cum and just like it to pour out. And it did. Though it was only 2 days worth - it was a HUGE load. It just kept shooting and drooling out into his mouth.

One other thing I forgot about him is that he does not swallow. Probably one reason I never gave it to him before (he'd tell me he spits when relaying other guys he's done). I rather a guy pull off than spit my spooge out. So he holds it in his mouth and walks out of the room to spit it into some can (I guess). I quickly tuck my dick back in, button up and start to walk out.

All of the sudden he's there, cock still out. I just look at him and say 'thanks for the head' and turn and head to the door. He calls out for me to come back...and I keep walking and never even turn around.

Though I'll never truly be a feeder - I envoked everyone who has ever fed me when playing one this last weekend. It was kind of hot.


Bruiser said...

Your blog is amazing. Fucking brilliant and sad and amazing. Like telling God all your secrets out loud!

BikeGuy said...

glad u like it man. I love yours!