Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Backroom Follow-Up

There will be no 2nd go-around for my hotel encounter from last night.

Anyone who really knows me thinks I suffer from low (but not lack of) self-esteem. I do not find myself unattractive, but on the other hand, I don't consider myself goodlooking.

Here are excerpts from the 'straight' man who emailed me today regarding yesterday:

Honestly, you brought out something in me that I do not like....you have a beautiful cock, and are an amazingly hot guy. I knew from your pic that I should not have met you. I prefer older, less attractive guys who worship me....

When I get these avg cocksuckers on their knees and they fuckin love my body and the perfect fit my cock is in their mouths..I can say...You like that cock don;t you? I was intimidated by you and uncomfotable...just felt I was out of my league. But...I lost sleep over you buddy

For what it's worth.....only one other time in my life did someone effect me the way you did. My day was spent fighting the urge to ask if I could suck your cock once more before I leave...

He can ask all he wants - but I'm the cocksucker here. And I think I was just rejected b/c he thought I was 'amazingly hot'? Maybe I'd get a lot more action if I were just 'older, less attractive'. Who knew that was the key to getting laid?

I now believe I am the most attractive man alive and have the ability to change men's sexual orientation. My next feat will be to turn back the tides!!!!!

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derailuer said...

fun read!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks for sharing!