Monday, January 30, 2006


I decided it's time to break-out of my lawyer routine. He's good. He's hot. He's downright rude. I can't get too tied up in him. It's going nowhere and I don't want it to anyway. He's good (or is it me?) for a fuck. But no use pining away waiting for his time.

...mind you, I did something stupid like have him talk me into buying him cowboy boots so he could wear them while he fucked me. Alas, I'm not going down that road!

So I put feelers out there from guys I've known in the past - and will always work the new crowd too. What I need - is to get out of town!!! I need dick I'll never see again. Guys who'll never contact me again.

Remember those days? What was true anonymous sex? Even the internet doesn't allow that. Everything is traceable to email addresses and websites. They might not know your name - but they'll know how to get ahold of you. Who the fuck wants that?

That's why parks, gloryholes, dark backrooms, baths are so important. It can be preferrable not to even see the guy ever. I'm not looking for a relationship. I don't even think I'm looking for a steady fuck-buddy. Those end up being like pseudo-boyfriends. Who needs the pressure or expectations?

Don't get me wrong - I think there is someone out there to break me. Make me theirs. Not a slave. I don't do slave. Sub yes. Slave no. But I missed my opportunity w/the guy from the 'Bad Attitude' series. Not that he'd necessarily have me - but I should made a play for that. I was younger. Unwiser.

Rallycub mocked me saying - why did I think I'd know it IF it came along again? He has a point. Who can break this little slut??

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