Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Offer I Had to Refuse

....and it just about fuckin killed me.

A guy I do NOT know from Men4SexNow msg'd me w/this text:

Hey guy,
I know that I normally don't let anyone else man the gloryhole, but I've got a tooth that kept me awake all night. I don't want to disappoint anyone (I sent out mail letting guys know it would be open today), so I'm looking for someone to step in for me. Here's the criteria:

1) You must be willing to suck TODAY (Jan 2) for at least a 2-hour shift (5-7p, 7-9p, 9-11p)
2) You must be willing to be video'd and sign a model's release.
3) You should be willing to either swallow, take it on the face or get fucked at the gloryhole. In short, I need to find a pornstar.
4) You must be willing to suck all cocks that come to the hole: short, fat, thick, black, white, cut & uncut, muscleboys and bears alike.

Interested in the position? Send your face shot to
homegloryhole@xxxxxxx.com (not a real email address folks). I'll be monitoring the mail today. Right now I'm looking for someone to suck from 9pm to 11pm.
Hopefully this tooth is fixed by the weekend so I can reclaim my position! HGH

Well...I think I could have easily done the two hour shifts - if not the entire fuckin day! The problem was I still had a massive head cold and was indisposed where I could not find a way to get away for the hours needed.

The guy and I did email back and forth extensively. He is not into loaning his GH out to others and this was more or less a one-time offer. We did discuss me being there so he could take pics of me....which you know I'm ALL for.

But it's nice to be wanted - even in a complete piggish situation. Happiest in a sty, I am.

But that led me down the path of - do I start my OWN gloryhole. In theory it's great. In reality it's suspect at best. A public place to meet for cock - anonymous as it is, seems to be the perfect set-up. When it's at your home - there are too many variables. Weirdos showing up when the GH is not set-up - and most likey at even more inappropriate times. Addresses, being known. Most counties have websites that list WHO lives at the residence (I suppose if you own), and monetary value of said residence. Do I want that much info on me out there just go suck down a strange, anonymous cock?

........................hang on! I'm thinking!

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