Thursday, March 09, 2006


A 3.5 wk dry spell has come to a halt. As unfortunate as these dry spells are - they are not uncommon - at least for me. I'm sure it's a confluence of events, whether they be work related, personal life intruding on sex life (yes! those are separate most of the time) or just slim pickins.

I had an offer via that I thought I'd have to pass up due to my father's hospitalization. As much of a cad as I can be in the sexual world, overall I can clean up nicely and have a very professional side and a loyal family streak, even though the family can put one's nerves on edge.

Since there was nothing I could do for my father, except to chat w/him at his bedside - which I had done the previous three evenings - I gave myself the night off and accepted this guy's offer to service him.

Having not true idea what he looked like or wanted, I headed off to his place. He was not bad looking...maybe 6' & 200 lbs. A close close close blonde buzzcut and about 6" of fat meat. He was also a man of few words...which is fine since I wasn't looking for conversation. We got right to business.

Up in his bedroom (yawn) I went to my knees. I gave him some pretty enthusiastic head. Let's face it - it's been awhile. I probably wanted it more than he did. G-d knows I needed it!

As dirty talk goes, this guy had one phrase: "fuck yeah!". I'll give it up to him that at least he knew how to pull that one off. Say it dirty like he meant it. I can live w/that.

I think I only got in about 10-15 minutes of cocksucking before he wanted to eat my ass. THAT I did not see coming. Even most guys who wanna fuck me rarely eat my hole. But who was I turn him down? He ate it pretty good too, I must admit. And if I haven't relayed it here before the two things that get me to spread my legs faster than anything is a guy playing w/my nipples and a guy eating my hole.

He had me moaning soon enough. I'm sure some would think it manipulative, but I try to make sounds and gestures to get a guy to fuck me. Let him think it was his idea. ...and it might very well be his intention - but it's important for the top to think he's the smart one of the bunch. The aggressor. I'm probably giving away too many bottom secrets here (or at least mine). He took the signs - just as I figured he would.

The guy was prepared. Lube at bedside. No questions. Slick it up. Position it. Slide it in.

I'm always asked 'what position is your favorite?'. I hate that question. There is no right answer b/c almost always it's going to be different from the guy who is asking. And there is no right answer b/c there IS no answer for me. I'm one who can do it in any position..and like it. Yeah - I know my limits. If you want me to cum while you're fucking me - and me not touching myself, you have one option: me sitting on and riding you. That's it.

But this guy was all about the my legs pulled back, him over me, looking at me as he pumped me. His eyes were usually clenched. Probably trying to hold off or thinking of George Clooney or somoene. Who the fuck knows? Who the fuck cares? (ok.....maybe some think of Mark Feuerstein instead! WHAT? I got a thing for semetic men!)

His speed increased. His 'fuck yeahs' increased in amount and volume. I knew he was there. One last deep thrust and he stayed still as he unloaded. I stayed still as he unloaded. Ok - that's a lie. I worked those muscles to milk him. To make his eyes squeeze tighter each time I contracted.

I made it home in time for Lost......which ended up being a repeat anyway.

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