Monday, May 08, 2006

In w/a Bang (pt 1)

I know I vowed to write past experiences when I wasn't having new ones - but I've been lax. I've also been quiet on the current sexual front. Partly due to the way things shake out - and mostly due to a self-imposed moratorium on sex. Well, not so much self-imposed as highly suggested by a man who wanted me to abstain. Not out of love. Out of control.

Luckily this last week, he approved me to do something about this no-sex predicament. And thank g-d!

But as luck would have it - Friday and Saturday were pretty much bust. A few nibbles and the guys just never came through. Unfortunate it was. Saturday I even cruised the parks to no avail. Mind you these parks are 30 miles away - and I was going back and forth. ...and w/gas prices the way they are, it maybe have been cheaper just to get a hustler.

Sunday however was a different story. Weather was pretty, but cool. I had to hit a few parks a few different times to actually strike paydirt. But strike I did. Four times, plus more misses.

The woods were crawling w/icky predator types - though fuck, I might have to lump myself into that category. Many guys were easily rejectable, even by anyone's standards, but their own. But I was getting frustrated and actually followed an older guy deep down a path. I'm guessing he was late 60s. Rough and weathered look. He had his cock out by the time I reached him. It was decent enough. 7" of the smoothest skin on a shaft I've seen in awhile. He had trouble keeping it up - most likely to dilated blood vessels from a lifetime of smoking (he chain smoked while I sucked him!) and his age. But I got a load out of him - but not before being spyed on by a guy who was sitting in a jeep before I hit the woods.

The old man took off immediately - which was fine. I went into the woods hoping the Jeep guy would follow. He just took too long. But he was here now. Great face, but a little hefty. No problem. Sweat shirt w/shorts. I was still in my position of sitting on a log when he approached. NICE cock. Almost 8". I sucked him for awhile but he spooked easily and took off. Damn!

A move to a different area of the park got me my first fuck (yeah, you heard me, my first one!). I was parking the car when a guy came out of the woods. I pegged him immediately as a cocksucker, but I also know I have a way of getting what I want/need. He looked right at me and w/a slight nod no one else would have ever seen (except the experienced cruiser) I knew he was game. Oh - the slightest lick of the lips didn't hurt either. I started down the path - and like a good boy, he followed. DEEP into the woods w/this one. After stopping in a matter of minutes our dicks were out. He was on his knees almost talking me all the way down. I tried to encourage him - and he tried desperately to succeed. He almost made it. But it did feel good.

Getting a good look at him - he had a nice runners body. Receding blonde hair....and the face somewhat of Josh Lucas. I do not say that lightly. He also had a rock solid, thick 7.5" cock w/a heavy duty metal cockring. He came prepared. I felt I could talk dirty to him and not scare him. I was right. We made out a bit. He played w/my nipples. I told him to stop b/c that just wants me to bend over for a guy. He didn't stop. I asked him if he knew what he was doing and he just smiled.

Ryan (this guy's name I found out after we were done) wanted to eat my ass. I hadn't' showered since Saturday morning, so I was ripe....and a bit dirty. He's a grown boy, he'd be able to detect that soon enough. I bent over a fallen tree and let him have at it. And he was GOOD at it. There is an art to truly being able to eat an ass well. The guy had experience. And he certainly didn't object to my cleanliness issue(s). Good boy.

Soon enough, still in that position, I felt his cock at the hole. Not sure what it is about me that guys can't find it w/out my intervention. Too high. Too low. Where is fuckin Goldilocks? But after he found the hole he put it in. Here he was a little timid. Only partially in. And afraid he'd hurt me. Please!

I pushed back onto him and told him to start fucking. He asked if I was hurting him and though I would have liked to help his ego on how big he thought he was, I didn't have time for that. I told him 'no' and to fuck me harder! It was harder, but not hard. No time to train someone out in the woods on how to top an ass. He didn't last long. Maybe 10 minutes. I just felt him stiffen and stifle a grunt.

More making out. Or me grabbing his hair and pulling him to me. He wasn't unreceptive. I asked if he was all done. He said his stamina didn't allow for another go. I told him - I didn't care about his cock, but what about MINE? He told me I was a dirty man and I agreed. He went to his knees. Now, I had no intention of cumming. In fact I had been told NOT to. And as I've posted here before, it's been weeks since I've cum last. I continue my moratorium on jacking off. I could have though. Cum in his mouth, that is.

But to take the pressure off him, I guess I could have said I couldn't get off - but I didn't. I started talking how when I came I wanted him to take it all. He mentioned he rarely did that. I looked at him and told him I took his load...............IN MY ASS. He nodded and went back to it.

Then I mentioned I shoot huge. Cock in mouth, he looked up at me. I told him I hadn't shot for over a month. His response, "yeah, right!" I looked right back at him in all seriousness - "yeah....RIGHT!". I then told him I don't waste my load by jacking off and I don't waste my load at all. That is why I want YOU to take it. He said he'd 'try'. I said trying wasn't good enough. All or nothing. He opted for nothing.

In my own twisted way I let him feel he was in control of the entire situation. In reality, except for following me back into the wood, he was in none of it.

He got off his knees and pulled up his shorts. There were leaves stuck to them. As I walked away, I told him to brush them off his pants - he looked like a cocksucker.

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