Thursday, July 27, 2006

Chicago I

Oy. Sorry for the delay in posting. I've tried to remain active. Honest. But between work, work travel and a don't want to hear it.

So, I went to Chi-town for work. Not for the Gay Games. ...not that I wasn't hoping to entertain anyone participant who might need relief.

As it turns out I did just fine w/ and craigslist. A few well placed ads had a number of interested parties. After you weed out the flakes (and there were many) and factor in the no-shows (a different kind of flake), I still did pretty well.

Day 1 I met up w/an 0n-line friend (K) who brought his slave w/him. We met in the hotel lounge, since we really didn't know each other except for IMing. He was everything I expected. All man. No bullshit.

Slave kept me a little off-guard. I wasn't really sure how to act around him and what he knew of me. I felt very much 3rd wheel. We decided to retire to my room - which might surprise you since it was not a foregone conclusion.

After arriving upstairs, we stood around talking. Still uncomfortable to a point. Slave offered to leave and give us time alone. He was dismissed. Before leaving, he did provide his master a rubber.....just in case.

Upon leaving, it was unspoken that I would be getting fucked. I had prepared by cleaning out my hole just in case. Underneath my shirt, I had put on the harness I had purchased only a few weeks before. K was very glad to see that, and somewhat surprised. It never occurred to me NOT to put it on.

With only 501s around my ankles, I bent over the bed (jock strap still on) and awaited penetration. I never looked behind. I had no idea what he had to offer - nor did I care. Attitude is everything.

K attempted to go in dry. And when I mean dry - I mean dry flesh. The rubber that was provided sat on my hotel table - unused. I'd like to think I can take that, but I'm not sure that is realistic. The PA he was wearing (that I felt but did not see) jabbed into me along w/the rest of his dick. A quick lube - and he was in. All the way in.

The fuck was quick. He had places to be and someone waiting for him. And he wanted to get his nuts off. He (and I) felt it was necessary for him to breed me, as we had been discussing it, but he was by no means to be the only.

I expected him to be loud. He wasn't. I'm not one who really cares what my hotel neighbors hear. ...which is good since 60 minutes later, I had another visitor.

A find - this man was a self-proclaimed pig. He lived up to it. No 'hello', but 'get down and make me hard. NOW!', as he pushed me to my knees before the door even closed. It was a nice hang - I have to admit that. 8" thick. No chemical enhancements to make him erect.

Almost immediately, the first words out of his mouth were to call me a whore. Listen - I can't dispel the truth. My mouth is not what he wanted though. His ad was clear about that. Breed, Seed and Go. There'd be no kissing. There'd be no nice talk. There'd be no - 'how does that feel?'.

It was push it in and fuck! I was on my back on the bed taking it. Him inserting himself into me. Then pumping. When he tired of that, it was on my knees on the bed - him impaling himself INTO me. I could lie and say it felt great, but there was nothing in this for me except to take what I was given and how it was given. not to say there wasn't something in it for me. This is what I do. I'm not looking to date these guys. Fuck - I don't even know their names.

After he shot in me, and even before i turned over, he was pulling on his jeans. "thanks, faggot!" as the door shut.

I would have loved to find more - but it was 12mn and I had a 7a mtg.

...and there was more...just not that night.

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