Wednesday, November 22, 2006


I had met this man on Manhunt a few weeks ago. The guy talks a good game. Professional suit w/a heart of leather. We've emailed. We've IM'd. We've talked on the phone. We hadn't done any real time.

Here's the thing about me - I'm smart! I'm sure some of you could read these posts and think I'm a dumb-fuck, but I'm not. I do like what I like and go for it. Might not be your cup of tea, but who is asking? Oh that's right - not me! This guy thinks he's smart. He's not.

He leaves me his cell number. He doesn't even use a screen name for his email. He uses his first and last name @ Oy. And if you think that maybe that is made up - then so is the name he uses at work, which he let slip.

Now I haven't lived at home for 25 years. I never knew the people across the street that well when I did....mostly b/c their kids were almost 10yrs older than I am. But this guy's name rang a bell. Fuck - he was the "kid" of the people who lived across the street from my parents. This 50 yo kid just moved back home WITH his least according to mine. What the fuck was I doing?

So, Tuffman (which he tried to go by later) keeps talking about his load. Finally I tell him to put up or shut up. If he wanted to give it to me we'd find a way. He suggested the bathroom at Barnes & Noble. Fine with me. I'm no stranger to public sex. In fact I love it.

In previous discussions he always said he never wanted me to just swallow his load. He wants me to kiss him and give it back to him so he can slip it back into my mouth. Fine. I have no issue with that.....though it ruins the instant gratification for me.

I am in the restroom at the appointed time...and wouldn't you know it, someone else comes in, but it's not THE guy. I try killing time and in walks 'Steve'. Awkwardness as people try to come and go and stay and loiter. Eventually the other guy goes. Steve is in the other stall (i'm in the handicapped one) with his door open. I'm not doing it there! He finally gets the idea to come over to mine.

There is a fuckin procession of 3-4 guys who come in and use the urinal or able bodied stall. I still take out Steve's dick. It's harnessed up under his suit. And small. And man this guys REEKS of cologne. Not a splash. More like bathes in it. I can barely stand it. It does not mix with what I'm guessing is his 2-3 pack a day habit. Putrid to me.

But I'm there to do a job. I'm a cocksucker and a good one. I take his dick in my mouth. Becuase it's so trussed up, I'm not sure he could get hard. Maybe it's the enviornment too. I still do it. Soon - but not soon enough for me, he grabs my head and pumps a load into my mouth.

I was hoping to just take the load like a good boy and go. But he grabs my face and makes me give him his load back. Then he gives it back to me.....along with about half a pack of tabacco juice he always has in his mouth. In addition, his perfume gets all over me too. Great! Now I smell like him.

I don't want to do him again - but he's already told a buddy about me. A professional football player. How do I pass THAT up?

I truly am a fuckin slut!

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The Average Joe said...

word of mouth is the best thing. I once had sex with an aweful guy. but he told his friend about me and his friend made a late night booty call and wouldnt u know it, nice hefty 9 inch arab cock which wouldnt quit until it had shot its third load (twice in the ass, once in the mouth)