Monday, November 13, 2006

My Dick. Their Mouths.

A few weeks ago, I let some guy suck me off. Those of you who read this regularly know that's not my normal thing - though I've been known to let it be done a few times per year. In some ways, that old adage of 'the best tops used to be bottoms' can be true. The filth that can spew from my mouth is quite aggressive. My memory data banks from when I was 15 yo to present has stored all those things the best and worst guys have ever said to me. I know enough on how to regurgitate it as needed.

Anyhooo...the guy was an ok cocksucker but I knew in general he didn't swallow. Why bother?


I'm sure these guys think they are doing a service to blow a guy, even if they pull off at the last minute - or worse: spit! Now, I'm all for the money shot, but when I sink to my knees (or lower), I'm there to help a guy out, or to be put in my place. Or both.

This time I told him, he had to swallow. I don't have it any other way. He said he agreed. As it turns out, I had it planned that I'd be on the phone w/an acquaintance from Chicago. I didn't know he'd be getting sucked at the same time though. At first I thought the bud wasn't listening to anything I was telling my cocksucker - but he heard every word of it.

My cocksucker was older (late 50s?) and a decent mouth....but oy! his breath. Now I wasn't kissing him, but even a few feet below on his knees, I could smell the stench of his gum disease! It was rancid! If it weren't for the guy on the other end of the phone, I would have zipped up and bolted. I did cum and he did swallow....but it wasn't doing anything for me giving my dick him or anyone else.

But a few days later this sucker kept emailing me about a 'friend' of his who wanted my dick. Apparently my 'top' self got good reviews. How off-putting I was. Little did the guy know it wasn't an act. His breath put me into a new realm. A real one. No acting. I was disgusted by him - but not because he was a cocksucker.

So, my bud in Chicago told me I should use the guy Bad Breath Guy was referring me to. Like a moron, I did as I was told.

The guy was divorced and had kids. It wasn't hard to figure out he was ex-military too. The second I walked in, he had medals displayed. The flag. His company etc. The only other thing he had in his downstairs was a bright blue crushed velour sofa and what I'm guessing was a 72" projection tv w/the worst g-d awful straight porn movie playing. ....and I like straight porn! (yes, believe it or not!).

First off - don't get any ideas that because the guy was ex-army or married that he was hot. He was best. Technically, he was an ok cocksucker. No teeth. Could take it deep (though not all). But I figured since he wanted me because of the rep given by Bad Breath guy - he wanted verbal and similar treatment. WRONG.

I have never been with someone who lacked any reaction to verbal anything. I got no rise from him. Hell, I got no answers - in words, grunts or groans. I could have as easily been jacking off. ...and here is where I'm a 'guy'. I wasn't leaving without cumming. Not after driving 25 minutes. How incredibly selfish am I? Yup - I'm a guy! least he swallowed.

Oh....and I covertly took a picture of him on my dick.



You Know Who said...

That was such a sweet story! I LOVED it! Only wish the sucker was me! Maybe someday.....

(I think you can guess who this is sweetie!)

bikeguy13 said...

actually - i'm not sure i do know who this is?

The Average Joe said...

good thing u spunked in his mouth. otherwise its just a twat. and hey as a fellow cumdump pussyboy when we "top" it better damn be good.

stick poppers under their nose before u cum, makes them hungry for cum, i should know, a fuckbud of mine used to do that to me. little did he know i would have swallowed him regardless