Saturday, March 24, 2007

First DC Trip (pt 1)

Since I've gotten my new job, my exploits have been sparse. I knew that would happen as I had to focus a little more on the career and just acclimating to the new culture. But part of my new job involves about 50% travel. Most of it to the DC area.

My first trip happened this week. Thought it was jam packed and a whirlwind, I did manage to have some fun - even though traveling with an entourage. I had my own room - and I'm smart enough to place internet ads slightly in advance of these trips - plotting my sexploits.

I've given up Men4SexNow in lieu of Manhunt. But you know - I find craigslist to be the most successful of all of them. In bigger cities - it never fails me.

I had way to many responses to the ad I placed than I could ever fit into my two hotel evenings. But I also know that no matter how many guys actually respond, the show rate is about 10-15%. Men are assholes (myself included).

The first guy who answered my ad seemed liked one of the hottest. Imagine my surprise when he knocked on my door - and he turned out not to be all he claimed or what he shared in pictures....takes one look at me and says, " this isn't going to happen". What the fuck????? I'm never thrilled with how I look - so I'm not saying this with ego, but who the fuck does he think HE is? I would have been the one lowering myself....and willingly. It stung for a few minutes. Luckily I had someone on the back burner.

hey guy, i'm 38, 6', 170, 32w, br/br, masculine, hung, into safe fun,
like oral, j/o, 69, rimming, versatile. in arlington and can travel

What he didn't mention is that he really wanted to eat my ass. Oh - and that he had 8.5 FAT inches.

What I did know is that I could get him to fuck me - uncovered.

I immediately rubbed his jean covered crotch then got to my knees. His dick was appreciative and grew. I took him to the root - and it'd been awhile since I had a cock that thick, so it took a little work. Before long it was a 69 situation - his dick in my mouth; his mouth on my hole. Not too long after than I was working my way back to his hole. I do love eating a nice ass - and he had one.

I can't even tell you how many positions we tried. Ass eating. Cocksucking. Wiping pre-cum off a dick, licking it then passing it back and forth. Lots and lots of poppers.

Without too much warning he started just rubbing my hole w/his cock. He told me he'd be gentle and he was. That big fat dick sliding farther and farther into my butt. Soon in and out. Always teasing me. Looking down at me.

Before long I was eating his ass again. Then he wanted to sit on me. Who was I to stop him?

With his big dick in my face - or a few inches from, he lowered himself on to the dick I'd been edging for an hour at this point. Unfortunately I didn't last long. His warm hole just wrapped around my pole as he sunk down on it. He was jerking his meat for all he was worth - pushing poppers under his nose and mine.

Before long I couldn't hold back. I don't know if he wanted my load or not, but there was not stopping, nor did I try.

I just started pumping my seed up his tight tight hole. He was still jacking and unloaded on me, hitting my goatee, chin and chest. A nice load at that, though I tasted it and it was quite bitter.

Afterwards, he just slipped on his pants and thanked me. Told me he'd see me around - but the chance of that is slim to none.

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