Sunday, March 11, 2007

Former Co-Worker

Sorry for any delays in posting. It's not that I haven't had encounters - but I also started a new job, so that has been keeping me away from the ability to put thoughts to computer. The new job will have me traveling and I swear to g-d, that is when I get the most action anyway. Hopefully you'll be seeing a lot MORE posts from me in the near future.

That being said about the new job - I was off-site looking over a clinic near our airport. I was done around 3p and had no intention of going back to the office at that point. I hit an ABS which was dead, so I meandered up to a park. Yes it was cold and miserable, but it can have heavy car cruising action. Today was no different. A hot guy who looked like he had gotten his nose broken 3 or 4 times held my interest. I love guys with that look. What does that say about me? But he was a little left of center and very non-committal. Either he thought I was a cop or maybe he was. We never got that far to ask that question.

I moved to another location and a car which I had seen driving around stopped near me. As it turns out, it was a person who worked in my department two jobs ago. He was entry level staff, I was upper management. I knew him peripherally - as he didn't report up through me. There were over 200 folks in the department - I only had responsibility for 70 or so.

John was nice looking and always friendly to me. I assume he was gay - but never really thought about it. While I'd fuck around with people in my organization, I never thought about doing anyone who worked for me or in my area.

After acknowledging each other, we discussed vaguely why we were in the park in mid-day. We both knew. At this point he admitted that he had always wanted to blow me in my office. As the conversation went on, he mentioned the office about half a dozen times. Eventually I asked, was it blowing me that interested you - of doing it in my office. That gave him pause - but he wanted both.

I told him I wasn't near an office now. But he was still interested. He wanted to see what i had, and I wanted to show him. I unzipped my suit and he got out of his car to look in. I told him to rub the big drop of pre-cum off the head. He did and licked it off his finger.

I wasn't near my home. He had a roommate and couldn't take me back there. The park is really too risky to complete 'the act' anymore, so we were at a loss. But the fucker kept teasing me. Showing me his tongue and and throat. He wanted my seed - and as much as I love being a cocksucker, I wanted to give him my load.

I flashed on a Starbucks that had parking behind it in a small small alley. True it would be hard to get out of there if needed, but also it had very low traffic volume. I told him where I was headed and left. He showed a few minutes after I arrived. He got out of his car and walked to mine.

After about 10 seconds of discussion, I told him I wanted him to blow me. I was so worked up I told him it wouldn't last long - though I could hold off a bit, but it was daylight and behind a fuckin' Starbucks. Why push our luck.

John went right down on me and I almost immediately regretted not knowing he wanted to suck my dick in my office. With a mouth like he had, I would have let him do it.............often. You hear descriptions of guys mouths like velvet - and this would be one of them.

I told him I was gonna pop off and pushed him down telling him not to move. Even though I had jacked off a day or so before, I shot a HUGE load. He took it all like a pro. But I'm guessing he's been sucking for a while.

What I didn't expect was the after-effect. John lifted up, said thanks and left. I get that (and give that) a lot with strangers. I thought I'd get a 'see you around' or 'call me sometime'. But cocksuckers are a breed that sometimes cannot be changed - no matter the environment.


Taz said...

Great story :-) I enjoy work place/co-worker sex. Out of the last 8 jobs I've had, I've only not had sex at one of them. Can't wait to read more about your adventures and have become a fan ever since stumbling accross your blog. Thanks :-)

John said...

Hey bud, great story. It reminded me of when you lured me int your office and locked the door. That was a great blowjob! I miss those days. HornySail

BikeGuy said...

me? lure?

you must be mistaken!!!! EG

Anonymous said...

Do you get off on feeding poz loads to all these cocksuckers?