Saturday, March 31, 2007

Stall Suck

What the fuck is happening to me?

I was such a dedicated eater. You could count the number of times I ever fed anyone in my lifetime on two hands. I swear in the last year I've been doing more and more feedings. Sometimes it is the guy. Sometimes it is the scene. This is definitely the latter.

The craigslist ads in this town are fairly pathetic. Chicago, NYC and DC have hundreds per day. We're lucky to get a dozen, maybe two. Usually by the same pathetic guys who post over and over and over. But this following ad really got my curiosity up:

Anyone interested in meeting me in a public restroom at the xxxxxx Building downtown Cleveland to feed me? Hot Italian jock, 30 very good looking.

Ahhhh....public sex. My favourite. Now that I work downtown I'm seeing what trouble I can get into. Luckily, this building was a block from my office. Around 12:00p we emailed back and forth and the only time he could do it was after lunch. Fuck, I wanted it THEN. He told me he had already swallowed two other guys that morning. I told him he was a fuckin' whore. In reality, I was jealous.

But you know, I have a fairly relaxed work environment. I calculated 5 minute walk each way and a 15 minute blowjob - tops. I could do this at 1:30p. No one would notice I was gone.

I got there and emailed from my phone I was there. He was down in less than five minutes. He told me to get my cock ready and just shoot in his mouth. A good idea, but I wanted his mouth ON my dick.

I opened the stall door as he stood outside. I made sure he knew he had to come in. He bent over and took my dick in his mouth. If I wasn't completely hard before, I was as he went down on me.

He was cute. Perfectly cropped hair and goatee. Smallish features but big feet - for what that's worth (if anything). He moved over to the toilet and took a seat. I stood beside the wall in case anyone came in. He went back down on me. He was good. Not great. I don't think he got me all the way down. I didn't care.

My hand went to his head. I liked feeling his perfectly cropped hair. I liked guiding him down to my cock. And if he was anything like me - he loved me doing it.

I confirmed that he wanted my load. He nodded yes. I confirmed he was going to take my entire load. Again he nodded. I then asked if he was ready for my load. He eagerly nodded. I let him go for another minute or so and told him not to move.

My jizz started to shoot into his mouth. I told him to not pull off, I was not done. I told him it was a five day load and there as more for him to take. And there was.....and he did.

I told him he was a good cocksucker - because that's what I'd want someone to tell me.

Without a word he did exactly what I would have done. He pulled off, leaned back and opened his mouth to show me the load before he swallowed it.

Like a fool, I did not do what I have other feeders do to me - hold my throat to feel the sperm go down. I think he would have liked that too.

I told him, as I buckled up, that he was a good boy. I told him to take more loads that day - and he said he would.

I swear it was like looking at a younger me.

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