Sunday, April 15, 2007

Still Feeding

I let the 30 yo from the stall suck get my nut two more times.

Once again in the same stall...almost after work. It was quick. Too quick, even for public sex. Snowing like a motherfucker out when I went to his building but it was ok to pump off a load. It wasn't the best load I had ever had, but he seemed to appreciate it.

Fast forward a week. He contacts me - as I knew he would. Cold and rainy out. I just want that much in the mood to travel to get my cock sucked. I would have gone out of my way to get on my knees and ingest a hot load of scum though. ...but this kid is total eater, which I can so relate to. But I also know he wanted my 8".

I made a deal - if he'd come to my parking garage, I'd meet him there and let him blow me. It was POURING, so I knew he'd cancel. He didn't. Even *I* respect that shit. At first I was going to have him suck me in my car. But since I was on the fifth floor (where he met me), I opted for something else.

I saw him and he followed me like an obedient cocksucker. I walked right past my car (not that he knew it was) and into a stairwell. He was nervous, but I love shit like this. I put my back against the door so no one would come in. I knew no one would. This is a kind of garage where all are in by 9a and don't leave until 5p.

I also knew I could hear anyone coming up or down the stairs. The doors are loud and heavy and the stairs are pure metal that you can hear for six stories. He bent down and took my out. I grew quickly.

He also knows I rarely jack off and I told him I hadn't gotten off since he blew me 7 days prior. The kid remains cute. Great goatee and face - nicely shorn hair. In between encounters, he tells me he's been sucking and getting fucked since his (then) 36 yo uncle. Yes, it's wrong, but oh so fuckin' hot.

As he's going down on me - I tell him I want to thank his uncle for all of this. This enthuses him. For all his years of training, he can't get me half down. I'm a good size, but I'm not un-deep-throat-able. He has to use his hand some. I let him - though as a sucker, I make it a practice never to do.

He stands up while I jack a little. He's in a hurry. I'm in a hurry - and I'm freezing. He says he wants it. I tell him it wasn't an option for him NOT to get it. I also reach around and feel his fine tight ass. I tell him I want to fuck him sometime. He's all for it.

I tell him to get back down on me. He does. As usual with cocksuckers, I tell him to stop moving. He does. I swell up and start losing my load.

At one point he has to back off some. I suspect he couldn't swallow fast enough and it had already filled where there wasn't shaft. He keeps it in his mouth and I squeeze my shaft ensuring he gets every fuckin drop. I mean, I have to put it back into my work pants. I don't' need sperm on my shaft. : )

He stands up and though we've barely uttered a word to each other in all our meetings he says: "that is the BIGGEST load I've had. EVER".

I smile, all proud of myself and just walk out the door.


Anonymous said...

So is it terrible of me to want to watch.... since I obviously could not be a participant?...


Anonymous said...

Yes, really something to be proud of.

Anonymous said...

I found your link from Sticky Pen and damn! Fucking hot...I want to blow you just like this guy did.