Monday, July 09, 2007

Bookstore Shenangians

Yesterday I did something I had not done in years. ...went to a fuckin' adult bookstore.

I know you're thinking......this guy (me) is a slut and a sex addict - it seems only natural that he practically live at someplace like that. Oh, and how I wish I could.

And to be honest, I used to. I would drive miles each day to hit any number of bookstores awhile back. Let's not even get into me sneaking (?) in at the tender age of 16. But Cleveland is fairly puritanical in their approach to adult entertainment. First the gloryholes disappeared. Then the doors came off the booths. They the hallway lights always remained on. Some even have surveillance cameras aimed at each booth to discourage more than one person to a booth. What I'm sure it has done is to discourage incoming cash flow. Not only did the owners shell out for the electronics, now no one goes in and drops a dollar, a quarter or a token.

...then there is a story I might share sometime of getting busted by the cops in a bookstore.

That last part is really what has kept me from re-entering those places.

However, Saturday I seemed hornier than usual - if that is possible. I placed an ad on craigslist that got me some responses, but timing didn't work out (though as g-d is my witness, I am going to blow a physically gifted physician soon as well as a hot asian-lite married guy). One guy I talked to totally got me. Everywhere I was coming from - my place in life and how I should be treated. Again with the timing. He seemed cute enough - but his inner beauty shone through...he couldn't meet because he had to relieve the babysitter. But not his kid(s) - he cares for his 30 yo brother who has Down Syndrome.

That being said - he directed me to another bookstore where, yes, the booth doors are removed and no one cares. The caveat was, it was 40 miles away in Akron. I got in my car immediately.

$10 charge to get in, but nothing to feed into the machines. Sweet. I forgot how dark those hallways can be, especially when you come in from out of the daylight. ...and it's dark for a reason. Sometimes the guys who roam the halls need to be in the dark. The guy who dragged around his oxygen tank and had he cannula in his nose seemed a little sadder than most.

But I got down to business. Even though it was late in the afternoon, there was a smallish decent crowd there. A guy almost immediately came into my booth. 6'5", built and black. And a FAT 7.5" with a huge helmet head.

The guy stood in front of me and just lowered his shorts waiting. I'm not fool. I went down on it. All the way down - even with it's girth. I know guys came and went from the door watching. I got down off the bench and onto my knees and put on a show. I turned the guy just that folk could get a better view. And they did.

The guy was fairly silent when he came but I'm pretty sure the guys watching got the idea of what was going on.

When we got up, everyone disappeared. After wandering around I found another one. I don't know if he had pumped beforehand or not. I'd never seen much like it. You could feel the stiff shaft under almost ribbons of flesh. But he had just gotten there and didn't want get his nut just then.

After that there was another guy. A hottie. Major hottie. He liked to play safe he said. Ok. But there is safe (to me) and paranoid. He'd only get sucked with a rubber on. I sent him on his way. Why do guys like that hang out at those places?

As it turns out the next guy who came in was great. A real cocksucker but with a nasty attitude and a nastier mouth. At first he wanted to suck me, but I wasn't sure I wanted to get off just yet. I thought there were other loads to take. He sensed this.

He stood up and turned me around...and started eating my ass. With the swiftness of a pro, he had his dick out and at my ass. He slid his long thin dick into me and has mouth to my ear. "I saw you sucking off that black guy, you fuckin' whore. You're just dying for another load, aren't you?" One sided conversation went on like this for a few minutes until he stopped pumping. and then I realized he was done pumping for a reason.

But I'll give him this, he immediately got down on his knees and took my dick into my mouth. It felt like I shot him a nice load, but it was hard to say......since I didn't see. In a split second after he gulped....he was gone.

It's a ways away, but I think I shall be returning there now and again.


Anonymous said...

Damn. Shame you had to drive all that way for a little bookstore snack. I can remember when the Brookpark bookstores were still a great place to score a quick feeding. That was one of the things that made me regret moving to Columbus. There are NO bookstores with booths here at all.

Anonymous said...

I know the place you are talking about. Went there years back when I had to travel to Cleveland for business. Even better than that place is the Downtown Cinema. That place remains a true throwback to the Joe Gage days of wild times. You should try that next time, its only 10 minutes further.