Sunday, September 02, 2007


The morning following "Brian" I was still horny. As is my M.O. - I usually get the other guy off where as I do not get off, by my own hand or by theirs. Obviously if you read this blog in any regularity, you know now and again I will let (or look for) guys to help me get my nut - but it is not my priority.

I placed an early morning craigslist ad asking for a high protein breakfast. I got a number of responses - but the ones that piqued my curiosity weren't going to meet my time constraints, or I theirs.

Then I got one. "Robert" was 34, 6'1", maybe 180 lbs. He was blue eyed and blond. His picture made him look casual-handsome. He had to walk past my hotel on his way to work. I don't think the logistics could have been better.

I purposely left my door slightly ajar to be timed when he said he would arrive. He was smart enough to not even knock and just pushed open and strode through the entry.

The guy who walked through my door was not casual-handsome, he was knockout handsome. And normally so not my type. The guy was 100% Aryan. Me, being a Jew, found it hot, yet a little unsettling. He was also wearing what I'm guessing was a $1000-1500 suit.

Robert was nice, but all business. He opened his fly and out came a 6.5" uncut cock. Not just skin over some of the head - even fully erect, there was ample coverage....and then some. Ok. maybe he was 120% Aryan.

He was freshly showered, smelled clean without the benefit of cologne (thank g-d!). He let me lick the head and under his skin. Granted he allowed this to happen with his hand firmly at the back of my head.

I was happy to deep throat him, just as he was happy to force feed me. It was a mutual admiration society meeting in room 422 of my hotel. The meeting only lasted 15 minutes, but he got what he wanted. I got what I needed.

I made sure each drop went into my mouth - or on my tongue. He was happy to watch it and then see me swallow. So not to mess up his suit, I squeezed out every drop and forced it through his bunched up foreskin. I licked it clean - and under the hood also. He was a bit sensitive after the fact, but he didn't try to stop me.

He left shortly thereafter. I showered, changed and went on my way. The beautiful start to a very hectic day - for both of us (I'm assuming).

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