Sunday, November 25, 2007

On Boxers and Boxing

Never underestimate the power of the wedding ring.

Yeah - I love sucking off married guys - I am so easily drawn to them and for oh so many reasons. But have you ever put one on your own fingers even if you're not married and then gone to suck dick? Man! That thing works like a charm.

I'll backstory something very quickly. A about a decade ago, a friend of mine died and left me his old wedding ring. No real idea why and clearly no way to get an answer.

In the last few months, I've taken to wearing it now and again. So the last time I did happened to be when I went to an adult bookstore.....where I proceeded to take two really really nice dicks and loads.

Guy #1 was a married man - solid build. A guy you could see would be fat if he stopped working out even for a month or two. But because he did work out, he was just big and solid everywhere.

Going by his talk, he was attracted to me because I was also "married". As I sat there and he stood in front of me - then pushing my head to his crotch - he talked about how the week before he fucked some 26 yo woman while her 30 yo husband watched and then how the guys cleaned off his dick after he pulled out.

This guys dick was not that large, but he was enthusiastic and had a foul mouth - which as you all know, I'm a huge fan of. I kept my lips and nose buried at his zipper - as he never unbuckled his pants, nor did I attempt to. He had pushed me down there and I went willingly...and stayed there.

It warrants mentioning (again) that in these places, the doors have been taken off the booths, but at this particular establishment, no one seems to come around and check that there is 'one person per booth' or that nothing illicit isn't going on.

The lack of doors also allows for an audience. Though it could be said that I normally do not mind one, sometimes you just attract the trolls.....but hey, it comes with the territory.

While down there blowing Mr. Solid, I knew people came and went after taking a peak, but I couldn't really see them. Not only was my face in his crotch, but I had taken off my glasses to get that much closer to it. He also tried to shield our activity to those who took a gander at the activity.

So I knew something was different when at some point he turned toward the door giving full exposure to the guy who was there watching. All I could make out of him was he was young(ish), had a dress blue shirt on, along with a tie. And one of my mottos is: if they wanna watch, I'll give em a show.

Mr. Solid must have thought the same thing - as he took my head in his hands and held me while his hips pumped my face and soon thereafter, his load pumped into my mouth - along with all of the vocal theatrics that can come with it.

The spectator left as Mr. Solid got himself presentable to leave the booth and to drop the wisdom that he frequents the bookstore every Tuesday, later afternoon. I took it under advisement.

It should come as no shock that Guy #2 was the spectator with the tie. Slipping my glasses back on where I could actually see, he was something to see. Late 20s....maybe very early 30s. The blue shirt and tie, the very slicked hair made him certain to be in the area of sales. You know the kind of guy I'm talking about. Not only is his hair slick, but so is his personality. Cocky is another trait. This guy had that look from the word 'go'.

He was handsome in a blue collar gone white kind of way. A several times broken nose and a wrapped fist that made me think he was a pugilist of some sorts.

He walked right in without an invite and stood on the seat, as the ceilings here are very high. His cock was right at my mouth level when even I stood. He undid his suitpants only to expose something more interesting than his rock hard 6.5" upwardly curved dick: silk-like Spiderman boxers!
I have to say - this threw me more than the act of doing public sex. But oh well......

As he slipped his cock into my mouth he mentioned how hot he thought it was that I was not only sucking that guy - but how I swallowed his load......"just like you're gonna eat mine!". I nodded as best I could with him buried in me and both hands on my head - limiting any motion, let alone conversation.

He would readjust my head position so that his cock went deeper more easily. I was standing but my head was at a complete side angle and he just skull fucked me. During the face fuck he was all dirty talk. At one point saying "I bet your wife doesn't have one of these!" - as he referenced his own dick.

It took me a moment to what he meant about 'my wife', forgetting for a bit that I had the wedding ring on. I went with it shaking my head 'no'. He was totally getting off (at least partially) on having a married guy suck him. ....not unlike how I get off on sucking a married guy.

Some other guy was watching and he told him to get down and suck my big dick. The guy was not that attractive and not a good cocksucker either. But I know what my feeder was up to. He was calling the shots of what was going to go on - I appreciate that. After awhile I sent the bad cocksucker away though, telling not so mild mannered Peter Parker wannabe that he was a bad cocksucker. He laughed and went back to pushing his dick into my throat.

The man really put it to my mouth. No mercy on his part. He had a nut to lose and had found a willing cockwhore who at least to him, was married. And he was clearly getting off on fucking my face. That made two of us.

Like Mr. Solid, he unloaded vocally. I love that. He was so deep I didn't really taste it, but knew it was happening.

Afterward he insisted on taking my cellphone number - and there was no way I wasn't going to give it to him. But what he did next surprised me, leaned in for a kiss. He had the softest lips I had felt in a long time - not what I expected out of someone who looked and behaved so rough.

He then told me to go home and kiss my wife with his cum smell still in my mouth....and then he left.


Mr Delightfull said...

Super hot, man. Thanks for sharing your tales/tails!

Anonymous said...

So hot! Love the broken nose look and the wrapped hand. Wedding band, who knew? makes sense I guess. Well done.