Sunday, October 28, 2007

Cock Whore

...or so I was called earlier this week in my hotel room. I'll assume this isn't a shock to any of my readers. G-d knows it wasn't to me.

The guy (who I am sure told me his name, but I promptly forgot it) answered a craigslist ad:
45 mwm, 5/7, 190 (i am fit, go to gym 5x a week), br/bl, clean shaven, clean, disease/drug free, 6.5 thick and cut. (that seems heavy for his height, but he really came across as h/w/p.)

He also claimed it was his 2nd time ever with a guy. Maybe. Maybe not. What do we all really believe when someone tells us this? Little to none in my book. Yes, I am highly skeptical/cynical.

He seemed jittery when he arrived. I talked to him for awhile about baseball. I might be a cocksucker, but I do know about the boys of summer. But when that was done, I went over to him and not only was he hard through his suit - but leaking through his boxer briefs too. This doesn't seem like a man who was nervous.

Nor did he look away when I got between his legs as he sat in the lounge chair. Many men would have put their head back and just taken in the fellatio. Not this guy. He liked watching. And I like being the recipient or a third or fourth party.

He let me do my work - at least for the first 20 minutes. After that, I think he felt more in his element. He started truly feeding me. Pushing his dick in my mouth and extracting it. Eventually he had me against the bed just face fucking me. All was right with the world.

He probably got off on not being gay about his actions - and I got treated the way I think I deserve. Demeaning? Probably - but I won't judge what gets you off if you don't judge me.

His dick was thick and really could fill my mouth. He may have short changed himself when he identified himself as 6.5". I would get guess closer to 7".

As we continued on - and I did try to edge him over and over and over - he started testing the waters when it came to his verbal skills. It started with him asking if I liked his cock......then if I wanted his cock.....then if I needed his cock.

All responses were my muffled answers of 'yes'. It's kind of rude to talk with your mouth full - or so I was told as I was being raised.

Then he started with the name calling - and it finally escalated to 'cock whore'. It's not like I could argue with him if I wanted to. I guess I could have clarified that I was a 'cock slut', as I never really charge for my services.

He then started peppering his talk on how good the head was and that he never gets it from his wife....and he was hoping I would swallow everything he shot into me. Though I said earlier in our email exchanges that I would - he might have had the same skepticism I had when it came to actual hooking-up. I assured him his sperm would remain intact with me.

....and boy did the man shoot. HUGE HUGE LOAD. I stopped counting the major squirts after seven. There were more and then the minor ones.

Not only was his wife not providing him head, I don't think she was giving him anyway for release. He said he jacked off the night before, but maybe I'm underselling my oral skills and the art of edging for 45 minutes.

....or maybe it was all the talk of the World Series and the play-0ffs.

Friday, October 12, 2007

I'm Objectionable

It's no big shock either. And it's not like I've ever tried to hide it. The title alone pretty much spells out what you'll get.

But someone wasn't happy with the content. To be fair - I'm guessing someone wasn't happy with ME. But there are a lot worse things out there on Blogger and Blogspot.

Is it possible Blogger might turn me off? Sure.
Is it probable I'll just pay some $$$$ for someone else to host me? Absolutely.

Everything's archived, so it is not like I'll lose anything.

Don't worry folks. I'll keep plugging away.

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Do You Get the Jist of the Song Now?

Oddly enough for all the traveling I've been doing the last two weeks, I haven't gotten laid once in those travels. The park hook-up last Saturday was home field advantage.

Kansas City - I dunno. I was there for only a day/night, but man it was hard to find anyone I would want to hook up with at all and those guys weren't taking the bait. I guess it's true - beggars can't be choosy.

Phoenix was a different story. I shouldn't have been looking at all. I was outside of the city by a bit and at a resort..........with two-thirds of my company and our clients. Not the optimal time to be even attempting to see what was out there. Nothing could happen. Oh - and I had to share a room with my boss? What is this camp......when I'm 12?

On the way home from Phoenix yesterday, a song came on my iPod rotation that soooo describes me, I think. It might be my unofficial anthem.

It is about seven years old and I always smile when it comes on. If I'm alone, I'll sing it too.....aloud. You can't really do that on a DC-9. Well, you can, but you get some awful funny looks.

The artist is Poe. The album is Haunted. The song is 'Not a Virgin'.

I'm not a virgin anymore

I just thought you should know
Darlin' I've been around
I took a walk up your block
In fact I have been all over town
Down by the lake
And underneath the table in my living room
But side with the blue blue moon

You can call me what you will
Call me a slut call me a jaded pill
But darlin I've got your number now

I'm not a virgin anymore
I've been taken
I've been hung up
I get down and start it over again
I've been open
And I've been closed like a book
And burned down like a written sin
I just thought you should know my darling
Before we begin
I'm not a virgin anymore

Just thought you should know
Before you let another lie
Slip through those crooked little teeth
I don't think you wanna start that shit with me

Much better yet
Tell me something dangerous and true
Oh yeah that looks much sexier on you

Careful what it is you say
'Cause I can see right through you
On a cloudy day and darlin' I think you wanna play
I'm not a virgin anymore
I've been taken
I've been hung up
I get down and start it over again
I've been open
And I've been closed like a book
And burned down like a written sin
I just thought you should know my darling
So if you wanna play dirty darling I'm gonna win
I'm not a virgin anymore

Been there done that
(Say what?)
Get the hang of it
Get screwed
I screw you I had a whole lot of fun with it
I've had enough now so you better take a bow
It's gonna be a new experience if you wanna play with me

Daisy chains and maryjanes
Happy ending fairy tales
Cannot fool me now

I've been taken
I've been hung up
I get down and start it over again
I've been open
And I've been closed like a book
And burned down like a written sin

Hell I've been divided
Out of my mind and reinvented again
I've been ignited and then uninvited
So honey
You break it up
I'm gonna put it back together again

I just thought you should know my darling
Before we begin

I'm not a virgin anymore

I'm sorry, I'm sorry
Do you get the gist of the song now?

I'm off to Chicago in a week and a half and then directly to DC for a full week. I'm thinking I'll be finding some action. Until then - I might have to entertain you with tales from my past.

Any requests on what kind of encounters you'd like to hear about??

Monday, October 01, 2007

Saturday in the Park with Bike

Saturday I went to get my car serviced - oil change, alignment, new wipers. blah blah blah. The only good things about that are the dealership has free wifi, so I could finish my Houston post and look around the net and the head of service...Rick.

Rick is one of those guys who is hot, but has no idea. Taller than I am (I'm guessing he's like 6'4"), and a total daddy type. But a hip with it kind of dad. Brownish hair that is slightly greying ever so. I would do him in a heartbeat. I wonder how disconcerting it is that I come in after months and address him by first name without ever having to look at his nameplate. ...maybe he does know he's hot.

Alas - it was not meant to be and he's one of these guys I have no idea how to approach. Plus if rejected, he's got my car's life in his well as all my personal information.

Afterwards, I was a little horny. I had been on-line for 90 minutes mostly looking at male erotica (or reading it) and was all worked up. About 15 minutes from the dealership is a park I used to frequent....actually as early as this July. I even wrote about it here.

In that post, I mentioned in that post about a 'hot MF' sitting in his car ignoring my presence. The nerve! Wouldn't you know it - he was parked there when I pulled into the little lot. Still looking all fucking hot. This time he paid me a little more attention, but not much. I wasn't counting on anything since he left me high and dry last time. I figured I was not his type.

Shortly thereafter, a pick-up pulls in. The guy was ok at best, but at least he more than glanced my way before leaving his truck and heading down a path into the woods. I decided to check him out further and yeah, somewhere in the back of my mind I was hoping Mr. Hottie would follow me.

As I made my way deeper into the woods, going where I assumed the pick-up guy went, I finally caught site of him. He was next to a tree with his jeans slightly down exposing a hairless ass. Maybe he was pissing...maybe not. I kept walking till I came upon him - and actually passed him. Sure enough, his front was exposed too with a decent sized cock. I looked at it, then up at him and then continued to walk deeper into the woods, eventually finding a fallen, rotting tree to sit on. This way I figured if he wanted he could stand right in front of me and feed a hungry cocksucker.

Barely did he make his way over before he said someone was coming. And damn if it wasn't Mr. Hottie. There he was keeping somewhat of a distance in his slightly mirrored sunglasses, his ballcap, and work-clothes that made him look like he worked in automotive service. The 5 o'clock shadow really fucking made the look.

The pick-up guy started rubbing himself (again) and I was too, though much more subtle. Somewhere in the back of my mind I wondered if the Hottie was always there because he was Johnny Law. Every once in awhile in the back of my mind I think 'my luck has to run out sometime' when it comes to public sex. (not that it hasn't twice before - but those are other stories.)

But Mr. Hottie started rubbing too - but still my back was up. I felt a little better when pick-up guy exposed himself and no one was arrested. Then I swear out of nowhere another guy (count 'em - #4) came out of nowhere.

He was an older (50-ish) black man in a t-shirt and running shorts with a baseball cap. He stood next to me, placing one foot on the fallen tree and having his bound-up, big, hard, black dick come out of his shorts. He was already erect and just played with it.

I felt even better when he went over to the pick-up guy and started playing with him. Once again, pick-up guy exposed his ass and I was thinking 'man, this guy wants fucked!'. As all this unfolded, Mr. Hottie had his eyes on nobody but me. How could I be this lucky?

Mr. Hottie walked directly past them and next to me and took his dick out from his Cintas work pants. I undid my 501s and took out my dick. I was bigger and thicker than the other two white guys, but the black guy had it over all of us in means of size. But after a few, I barely noticed the other two guys at all.

Though I desperately wanted to kiss this guy, out in the woods in a public park is not the place to do that. This is for quick get-off and go kind of activity. I had to respect that.

We stroked for a few minutes, each of us scanning the perimeter. I bent over went down Mr. Hottie. His dick was thin, but around 7" long and cut. I only stayed down on him for a minute or two but gave him the idea of how good a cocksucker I was.

Mr. Hottie made the mistake of playing with my nipples. He sent me over the edge with his rough hands - and I really knew there wasn't much we could do about it there in the park. As you know - guys who play with those on me can get me to bend over with ease.

As I stood up from sucking Mr. Hottie, I did notice that the black guy firmly had a few fingers up the ass of the pick-up guy. Black guy was looking at me watching him. I then went back down on Mr. Hottie for a few more.

Taking a break and him going back to playing with my nips, I did the same for him. He unbuttoned a few of his buttons on his work shirt to expose an extremely nice chest with a generous covering of hair. I leaned in and licked at them. He seemed to like that a lot - though he was a very quite sort....and I think I know why. He took his mouth to my nipples then and when he did exposed a side of him I had not seen yet - and he had a hearing aid. No biggie to me - in an odd way it just made him hotter to me.

In a surprise, Mr. Hottie went down on me. I was so hot for him and had been stroking my dick while sucking him and watching the other guys - I came dangerously close to shooting. Luckily, he pulled off and I retained normal excitment levels.

The pick-up guy was just watching us, with his ass sticking out and the black guy had at least three fingers buried deep in him. I mouthed to the black guy 'fuck him', but he just shook his head 'no'. Too bad. I would have liked to have seen that.

I went back down on Mr. Hottie and he had a massive drop of precum on the top of his dick. I wasn't sucking him long before I knew he was going to blow. He pulled out, pushed me away and I heard him say he was going to cum. Well fuck if I was gonna let that happen without me getting it.

I got back on his dick and when he realized I wanted it (he must have had too many guys pull off - though who the fuck wouldn't want this stud's jizz?), he wrapped a hand around my head and I drank him all down.

The most surprising thing is that he didn't zip up and leave right after. He grabbed my dick and started stroking me. The pick-up guy must have liked the fingers being up his ass and shot off a really really nice load. In a way, I'm sorry I didn't drop to get it, but I wanted to stay as focused as possible on Mr. Hottie.

Mr. Hottie stepped away and I took over my own stroking. It didn't take long - and I pumped off a big load that some squirts shot out about 3-4 ft. At that point, Mr. Hottie nodded at me and headed up the path back to his car.

Pick-up guy had left too and the black guy went even further down the path to lord knows what. I gave the first two guys a head start before heading back to my car. It'd be odd with three guys exiting the woods within 1-2 minutes of each other.

Mr. Hottie was hanging out by a picnic table when I left the woods. He nodded in my direction and I got in my car and left. Afterward, I kind of kicked myself for not just handing him my phone number.

He's one I'd want to get into some more play with. But now I know where he hangs out - and what day and time of day I've seen him there before. Let's hope it's a habit.