Monday, May 05, 2008

Vegas Married Guy

I headed to Vegas right after my DC trip - but this wasn't for work, but just to hang out somewhere warm where I could relax, get some sun, eat and gamble.

Let's not omit the pink elephant in the room either: to get laid.

I always think cities like NYC and Vegas should be easy to wet someone's wick, but I am harshly reminded that these might be the two hardest cities to get laid in. I'm never quite understanding it.

With Vegas, I get it a little more. It is seemingly a little more transient in it's tourist population than New York, but NYC has a stronger stable population of numbers anyway.

My issue, mostly with Vegas, is the on-line ads: "I'll be in town May 10-17". Jesus guys: it's April 22nd!!!!! No one plans that far ahead for sex. No one. I know, I used to place those kinds of ads and even if guys responded - none of them actually followed through.

Sex is a primal, right now, kind of moment. That's usually how (gay) sex works I've found. At best, craigslist and the such might only plan out a few hours ahead of time, but not days or weeks.

Case in point - a guy who was staying at NewYork NewYork. At 10a he wanted to meet exactly at 11:45a. Ok. The stats seemed ok (no pic) and he was married and there for a conference - sounded all ok to me. He gave me his room number.

I made my way down to NY NY at the appointed time, but I wasn't really sure he'd be there or that it wasn't a fake room number. So in the lobby, I tried to get the hotel operator to connect me to the room - but she wanted a guest name. I made one up.

Luckily, a guy was in the room and the operator came back to say, the person says there is no one named Mr. So and So in the room. Ok - I didn't get connected, but I knew someone was in the room. I took my chances and went up.

A few minutes later and one knock on the door, it swung open. They guy was ok, but heavier and older than he said. But he was grateful I did not flake like so many others - and yes, he did get the call from the front desk.

It was my understanding that he just wanted to get sucked off, so I was a little surprised when he went down on me. For a married guy (whose wife just left for home about 45 minutes before I showed), he didn't do a bad job at all. Clearly I wasn't his first.

But you know me - I wasn't there to get off. I was to suck and swallow. But I'd go down on his fat 6.5" for a few minutes and then he'd want to take another swipe at mine. It'd been awhile since I came, so I was really trying not to. And I think he might have been in the same boat.

We'd both push each other off to make it last - but I wanted a load....badly.

He stood next to the bed, which I laid upon and he let me work him. It got to the point where pulling away wouldn't have mattered. The launch sequence was already activated.

The man shot a lot. A LOT. I mean, not as big as the biggest load ever I had taken in DC, but still more than a sizable amount. He loved that I swallowed it too.

I'm not sure he would have swallowed mine. I never think they will anymore. But I'm an old school cocksucker. 'Good to the last drop' kind of cocksucker.

The guy didn't thank me or even show me to the door. He knew I'd find my way out - and I did. Only to look for more trouble. And I did.

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