Monday, June 02, 2008

Just a Site - No Story

A guy who reads this blog pointed me to the direction of a free webcam site:

It is one of the lamest and yet most addicting things I've seen in a while.

You know the deal - slow or spotty streaming video (possibly even pre-recorded videos) of guys just chatting others back and forth, some jacking off and yes - some even having sex with others. Some - not a lot - on the latter.

There are ways to view only male, female, transexual, etc cams only. Naturally, I pick male. And even under that you can sub-categorize under 'straight' 'gay' 'bi' or not pigeon hole yourself at all. Would it be a shock to anyone here if I said I tended to veer toward the straight men?

No - I didn't think so.

To be honest, I am always highly suspicious if most of these guys are indeed straight - or the "women" who try to chat with them. Especially the "women". I don't think that all women want to see these straight guy's assholes....or if they can self suck. You really have to take this site for what it's worth.

Most of the guys are from Europe (man there are a lot of men from Turkey and Italy). The U.S. is woefully under-represented.

There are lots of chest and cock shots when choosing the video man of the minute - but that is rarely drawing me in. I like to see the face. It's almost a must. 96.5% of the time, I'll breeze right over the cock shot if the next one is a face. Unless it's a REALLY nice dick, that is.

I liken the site to cruising a bookstore. You are kind of wanting to go into a booth with a guy, but in the back of your mind you think 'what if I miss someone much hotter'. That's kind of what happens while you're watching an attractive man, hoping he's going to do something more than just type to others on a webcam, while somewhere else someone is pumping a hot cock.

I thanked the reader for alerting me to this site and told him I was cursing him - as I continue to go to the site several times a day just to be a voyeur. His response was he hopes this will get me camming.

I'm not opposed to that (clearly), but I don't have a webcam currently and don't know I'd want to trek it around with me on all my work trips. Because, if I'm gonna do it, I don't want it to be a lame-ish jack off session. I'll want to show a bit more hardcore action.


LSBiker said...

Consider the MacBook, with in-built Web cam. No toting an extra piece of equipment. Just open it up, and voila!

Chatsworth said...

I am also now addicted to this site - thanks!