Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Spiderman III

Another business trip, another stop at the adult video arcade I have been using for the last six or eight months.

I may have mentioned before, but the town and surrounding areas where this establishment is fairly depressed. More check-cashing places than actual banks. More Circle Ks than actual grocery stores. More strip clubs than actual taverns or restaurants. You get the idea.

So it is never too much of surprise when more than one of the guys who are in the booths ore going through the aisles are tipsy or just downright drunk in the late afternoon. I’m not meaning to make generalizations; it is just the way it seems to be.

Depending on their level or inebriation, I may or may not choose to pursue hooking up with them in any form. Sometimes I don’t know they’ve been drinking until they are in a booth with me. Don’t get me wrong – there was MANY a time, I’ve been in those booths drunk. But usually after the bars closed.

But here I am in a booth watching the guy across from me jack his big 8” cut dick. Clearly I want it and he comes over. He seems ok, though a little dressed down – but keep in mind the area I just mentioned. He’s liking my action, but not loving it. Turns out, he’d rather suck my dick, but I’m not into it.

There was also the issue that I don’t think he could have gotten to his knees easily, since the more I was with him, the more I smelled the alcohol oozing from his pores. Even if he had gotten to his knees, I’m not sure he could have gotten up easily.

As my luck would have it, a guy peeked his head into the booth as I was still sucking Mr. Tipsy. You might remember him from the guy I’ve blown a few times there – the guy with the Spiderman silk boxers.

He watched for a while and he told the guy he wanted to see him spooge in my mouth, but we all knew deep down that it was not meant to be. I’m not sure he could have gotten off if he wanted to – and I don’t think he wanted to either.

So then Spidey takes over and has his 6.5” cock out of his pants. I’ve sucked him a few times and he likes what I do and he likes the way he can treat me: like a cocksucker.

He likes to tilt me head to the side and just slam fuck my mouth while holding my head very steady. Even for an average size cock, the angle and the velocity of his thrusts sometimes made it hard to take, but I’m a trooper that way.

Everyone knew he was getting close, including the guys in the hallways or the other booths. Guys would stick their heads in to take a look, but Mr. Tipsy remained in the booth, so it was tough for many to get view.

Spidey let loose with a really really nice sized load (and it always tastes good too).
Afterward, he winked at me and said to no one in particular that that was the SIXTH time he’s gotten off today.

…and I believe him. The guy is such an incredible horndog, but I love it. So does he. So do the guys who see us in action.

Days later, I got a text message on my phone: That was GREAT!

Indeed it was.

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