Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Embassy Suites Sex

How do you relax before a job interview?

Maybe you find something to distract you so you don’t focus too much on that process. Kind of like I do.

Yesterday, I had a 3p job interview. But no one knew about it, so I had to keep a change of clothes in my car and do my presto-changeo in my car before I left.

But around 12:45p I saw an ad for a guy in a hotel that was close by to my office who was looking for sloppy wet oral assistance. I knew it was a risk – leaving earlier than I had planned, walking to a hotel, blowing a guy and then getting back to said garage to change and drive to my interview. But damn it, I’ve said it before and I know I will again – “at any cost”.

You’ve read how I’d miss class or even delay getting to job sites as long as there was a potential for cock and cum. Not even the actuality of it, just the fucking potential. So I jumped at it with this too.

I knocked on his door and he opened. The guy had an incredibly handsome face and a killer body. In the back of my mind I was trying to figure out who was in town – sports team wise. Could he be at Brown’s training camp? Nah – too small. Could he be an Oriole? They were in town playing an away game. No clues in the room to see what might have been.

In a heartbeat he was in a chair with his workout shorts off and his smallish black cock hanging there with a weird-ass cockring on that looked like it would dig into to flesh if you got erect. Still, it was kind of hot.

But it was not a smallish black cock.


It grew to a very healthy 8” with a few kinks and curves along the way. It was easy enough to suck and swallow, but apparently the angle, for him, left it a little more sensitive to teeth that I would swear weren’t even touching shaft or skin. …but he felt it, and that’s all that mattered. He was the boss at that moment.

He did like his blowjobs wet and slobbery. It never seemed wet enough for him, and lord knows I tried.

But what I loved about him most was his filthy mouth and attitude. Not so much calling me names – which he did not, but talking about his likes: blowjobs, cumming, needing sex all the time, raw hole. Breeding, fucking, anyone, anytime.

His head was slightly back and eyes closed the entire time. He was in his own world of being dirty – a world he freely admitted he loved. “nasty sex”, he called it. For some of us it just our everyday existence.

It took about 20 minutes, and I was getting worried about getting to my interview, but he finally got his nut…or I finally got it, I should say. Not a lot, but he probably got off before and had 2 others planned for the afternoon. The load was bitter, but who am I to spit it out?

I’m no one – that’s who. I’m everyone. I’m a cum-eating cocksucker. That’s who.

By the way - I breezed through the interviews.


Anonymous said...

Can't wait to hear about the interview. Glad that things went well at the hotel, as well!

Anonymous said...

do you have AIDS?