Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A Few BJs

I'd love to post more and more stories, but these are lumped together because they don't even warrant separate posts.

One guy was really good looking, but just a bit of a flake. When I post, I am very clear about what I want. This guy answered that ad and I just never think I have to clarify again what it is that should be doing down.

He wasn't going to let me have his nut until he saw me get mine. Pffffft. Fuck that. And I told him so. I think he was surprised by that. I'm not sure if other guys give in and just do it or get caught up in the moment, but I was not into it....and eventually, not into him.

It didn't stop him from stroking while he kept trying to talk me into busting. And all his stroking must have gotten the better of him. While I barely got to suck him, he couldn't hold back his load and I did get it. I can't say it was the most satisfying load, or the most satisfying way. He left soon enough - though I would have been ok with him not showing at all.

The second guy was better. Better dick, better attitude, better load. There was nothing remarkable about him or the blowjob I gave. It just was. It last about 30 minutes in various states of being fed: on my knees, him laying down, me on with my head over the bed - the usuals.

I got another load for the evening and then he was gone and it was off to bed for me.

I told you it wasn't exciting! :)


Anonymous said...

Keep up the semi-daily posts!
I hate hearing every 7 days from you, good job lately!
from a Straight Guy who loves the Bikeguy Blog

Lewis said...

Hey man, I've just found your site through a recommendation from Google...weird, actually. Anyway, totally dig your escapades and stories. keep it up and be in touch anytime. Cheers. I'll be lurking around...hope you don't mind.