Monday, August 04, 2008

Video Post

Remember a few weeks ago when I told you all I made a short video of me topping that one guy? The one I posted pictures of my dick in his ass? Yes - the crappy ones from my cell phone.

I still haven't found the ability to post it on X-Tube, and though he doesn't know it, RawTop presented the solution: For some reason, it was able to post there. And now I can embed it here - for your enjoyment.

I don't think you have to join to watch the videos, but you might. You do have to join to rate the videos (or post your own). If you opt to join - it is free.

Oh - I also have better still shots of my dick up his ass from the last time, as I used a real camera with flash. There was no hiding the fact from him that I took them, but he said nothing. I will get those up in a day or so.

...I gotta pace myself so you guys get more posts from me.

Well, this evening, I might be sticking my cock up his asshole again. We need to arrange the time. He's getting a bit weird on me with his emails. He insinuates I just see him as a hole. DUH.

There is no reasoning with him on this. He says, to me, he's just a whore. I told him he wasn't because I'd never pay for it. That seemed to hurt his feelings. Fuck man - I'm not looking to date him.

I'm just looking to fuck, cum and possibly video it all. Now that I can post vids - hopefully you'll see more of them.

Enjoy guys!


rawTOP - Bareback Top in NYC said...

Glad I could be of assistance!

DTNZ said...

Looks sweet.

pigdog said...

Totally HOT man!

Gay Sex Slut said...

Hey man hot! Love the talkign while fucking him. Thanks also for adding my blog to your blogroll...

Anonymous said...

What's your name on there, so I can rate your vid and add it to my favorites?