Friday, September 05, 2008

Boi Sex

As you read here, when it comes to sex, I do alright. I’m not completely repulsive, but in reality I am very average on the “looks” list. I know it’s all a matter of perspective and preference, but in my mind, I’m just average.

Which immediately brings me back to preference. I know I have some quirks of what I like and don’t, but overall, I have a pretty wide variety. However, if I had to pick only ONE “type”, I have specifics. We all probably do.

Twinks (or bois) are not in my top 10. Or 20. I liked MEN when I was a boy and I still like them now. But realizing that sometimes you pay it forward, would it be the worst thing to be hook-up with someone who was younger? Considerably younger? Legal, for sure, but still young. Normally, I don’t venture to far beyond 10 years my junior. So 20 years beyond is a huge thing for me.

He shows up (I got no name). Cute for sure, but would take three weeks to grow a shadow of anything on his face – something that takes me about 4 hours. But all he wanted was head and that’s ok, it’s something I enjoy.

6’, 170, dark brown hair, clean shaven, smooth body. Handsome-ish face, for a boi. The pic he sent was very model-esque. In theory - very out of my league.

I lead him over to the standard lounge chair that’s in most every hotel room. I sit and have him stand in front of me. I unzip and unbuckle him. My non-verbals must have been a give away for what he presented vs what he claimed. He said, “don’t worry, it gets bigger”. And though I’ve said this before, I am sometimes amazed how one can grow so much bigger. Normally they don’t, but this guy did. Whoa did he.

9” of thick thick beef. It almost made me sad that all he wanted was a blowjob. This was a piece of meat made for fucking. Long HARD fucking. But it was not meant to be....the fucking. The sucking is what he wanted - and it's what he got.

Me in the chair, him feeding me. Him on the bed laying back, me between his legs. I got to reach up and feel his upper body. The man-boi had a true six pack. I'm not sure there was an ounce of fat on him. You could feel every ab.

Then there was me laying back on the bed, him standing over me feeding me, face fucking me. It was seemingly heaven for all.

I worked that dick for a good 40 minutes. With his thickness, more than his length, he actually made my jaw sore. I was almost grateful for his increased huffing and puffing. I knew he was getting close.

Even though he had ejaculated earlier in the day via his hand, the guy had a huge load. Slightly bitter, but I can certainly deal with that.

Naturally, I took every drop. Milked him for a bit...and he let me, as he wasn't that sensitive.

We made plans for him to come back later in the week, but he never showed. Oh well. Bois will be bois.


Anonymous said...

If you ever get bored with this boy, please feel free to send him over to the UK when my Master and I will be happy to play with him.

sgboy said...

I think you are very sexy and HOT .....facial hair rocks