Monday, October 06, 2008

On Way Home from Airport

For a few weeks, I have been chatting with a local guy who has wanted to fuck me. Just due to scheduling it has taken a few weeks to get together even though he lives about seven minutes away from me.

He (I know he told me his name, but I forgot it immediately) is 6', 180 or so, average body, salt n pepper, nice masculine face. He says he's 40, but looks a bit older. As you can see, even semi-flaccid, he has a nice dick. It fills out (and in) nicely.


So while I was out of town and cruising for dick on ManHunt, he found me. We exchanged some emails and he knew I was getting into town that afternoon. I just cruised from the airport to his house in a quest for finally letting him nail me.

Since he is so close, of course, I was hoping it would work out - just as a fuckbuddy. He liked to pound ass and well........well.....I don't mind being on a receiving end of a dick. What can I say? I ain't looking for love with this one! Or any one.

I found his house alright, but the insides were a bit creepy for me. I don't know how many cats he had (at least three), but it was the catholic religious iconography that kind of weirded me out. It was in paintings, pictures, statues, dioramas - you name it.

Now, coming from a non-catholic, it was a bit disconcerting to me. But I don't get the attachment to the religion anyway with their hypocritical thinking on fags - unless it pertains to priests..........but i'm off topic.

We cut to the chase, no small talk, no anything. Just to his bedroom where he already has lube and poppers out. He drops to his knees and sucks my dick. He was/is a great cocksucker, but that isn't what either of us were there for.

Soon, I was on my back, my ass on the edge of the mattress. He was standing there, greasing his pole. The only a few moments, sometimes those can seem like eternity. Possibly for both of us.
But in probably thirty seconds, he was positioned at my hole and ready to go in. Again - a small eternity.

I think he did it on purpose, just to get me to say, "fuck me". I did and he did. He pushed in methodically and then fucked my ass. And he fucked it good. I didn't tell him I already had a load in me from earlier, not that he could probably feel it at that point.

The guy was not brutal, but clearly out for himself and how his dick felt up there - more so than if his dick felt good in me. Or maybe I just exhibited that it did. Cuz it did.

I'm guessing he only fucked me for maybe 15 minutes - all on my back, no position changes, which was just fine. I was begging for the load at that point anyway. I wanted it. I needed it.
His head went back and he just went over the they all do.

He didn't stay in me at all afterward. He wanted my load, but I'm telling you, anymore poppers kills me in that regards. I had to jack myself to get there, but I did. Again, he dropped to his knees and captured it all.

So he gave a load. I gave a load. But as the day wrapped up, I had taken four: 2 in the mouth and 2 up the ass.

It was a good day.

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