Saturday, November 08, 2008

Big Dicked Boi (again)

It took two months, but the big-dicked boy I sucked off a few months ago finally wanted a second go-round.

Actually, he wanted a second go-round a few days after the first time. And then another time on another one of my trips. He either failed to show or email be back depending on which trip we are discussing. I had written him off for sure.

But here he was, on Manhunt, contacting me for some head. I really don't get it. In a town of much better looking cocksuckers, why me? Maybe he has a thing for older men. Maybe I'm not as completely repulsive as I think. Maybe he just likes to do it with out-of-towners or in hotel rooms. Or maybe I just give really really good head!


So at 6p, he was right on time for his blowjob. I didn't want the entire strip-down for a suck job. I wanted his 9" meat just yawning from his fly. We compromised: pants off, shoes off.

I guess I shouldn't worry with him being totally nekkid. The man has a body of death. Sure, I'm not big on smooth guys, but at least his was natural - not some shave or wax ritual that I find so creepy. Let men be men, I say!

I think my biggest concern with being in the buff is it takes too long for them to get dressed and get out of there afterwards. Let's face it - most of the time you don't want them there afterwards, let alone feel the need to converse with them. I already opened my mouth - and it wasn't to talk. Just GO already!

But he came in and I went to my knees. His dick was a gorgeous as I remember it. I think I'm a good cocksucker, but his is long and thick and very difficult to get all the way down. Maybe he's ok with it not being taken all the way. I know some guys are obsessed with that, but I think it is just about hitting the right spots and the right time to make them feel good. I think that I accomplish that admirably.

Like last time, we did get on the bed with him above me, feeding me - to the point he could have easily cut off all my air and stole my iPhone! {g}. But as it turns out he was just there to lose a six day load.

That load and that position worried me much more than him stealing my iPhone. I recalled last time the volume of his semen. Even as experienced as I am, I am thinking he could have drown me - and told him so. I think he liked that. Men love when you tell them of their prowess in any field - especially dick size and cum load ability. aahhh....the male ego.

It's never just a cigar!

He (no idea on a name) was close after about 20 minutes, so we went back to me on my knees, him standing over me - typical eater/feeder positions. And feed me he did. A nice load, but not as big as I was expecting. I guess I could have taken it the on-my-back position.

The guy was out of there in a flash. I thought - maybe I'd see him again, maybe not. We didn't talk about it.

I did see him though - two days later as I walked to dinner. He was eating outdoors with a "friend". He saw me, I saw him. Neither of us acknowledged each other's presence.

....just the way it should be.

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