Saturday, May 31, 2008

Verve Earth I get contacted by this site called who wants to add me to their list of preferred blogs.

Your blog Adventures with BikeGuy13 - True Tales of a Sex Addict caught our attention. I'm the founder of a recently launched startup for bloggers. We are searching the internet for the world's blogs by geography, and we found yours for Cleveland. I would like to invite you to our site which plots the content of the internet on an interactive map of the world. VerveEarth is an entirely new way to surf the net. It shows spatial and geographic connections that a blog search engine could never reveal.

I went to their site and looked at who was linked spatially and such and found no blogs that were remotely like mine. And whereas I like and want additional traffic, I would have been remiss had I not sent them some kind of response as to my blog content:

I'm interested for sure - but i've perused some of your other blogs listed and maybe I have missed ones similar to mine - but clearly you've seen either my blog or at least my blog title.
I will assume you're not going only on geography. My blog is fairly explicit, but I'm willing to entertain the idea if you are comfortable with what I am writing.

I never heard anything back from them - until today:

Thanks for writing back. We use various blog directories to find candidates for an invitation. Since we welcome blogs of any language (and we can't understand every language), we select blogs based on quantifiable factors such as how up to date the blog is, the length of posts, number of comments on posts, location, and other factors. Because of this, we are not always aware of the content.

Unfortunately, your blog's content is inappropriate for the site, but if you wish to add a different blog we'd be glad to have you.

There are still a few people who would be 'glad to have me'......but that is what this blog is for. Not another one.

And my content is inappropriate for most sites.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Being Watched

Since it was a holiday weekend, I left work a few hours early on Friday just because - and of course, to see what kind of trouble I might get into.

The first park I went to was a bust. One hot looking guy, until he opened his mouth and a few thousand essessesessess fell out. Even if he never said another word, the moment was ruined.

I traveled across town to another park, which was a little more active, but less so than I thought it might be. I finally followed an ok looking guy back into the woods. Shaved head, maybe 6'4" or so. He ventured far into the woods, but I don't think it was far enough for him. He was a little skittish, though no one could truly sneak up on you. Or so I thought.

Some guy all of the sudden showed up out of nowhere. I didn't recognize him at first, but I'll get back to that later.

The second guy walks by and though I lose sight of him, my trick does not. I'm not quite as worried and eventually my guy starts rubbing my crotch. I almost instantly go hard. I ask him what he likes and he likes to get sucked and fucked! Yes!!!! My kind of guy.

He pushes me to come home with him and spend the night, but I defer saying I couldn't possibly. So he whips out his cock. BEAUTIFUL.

He is uncut with a large helmet head. And it doesn't matter how hard he is or big he gets (eventually over 8"), there is always enough skin to play with.

When I peel it back, he is slick as any lube would ever get you. That big helmet is shiny and slimy. One or two strokes and the palm of my hand is covered. I lick it clean. Then I drop to my knees - in the dirt. I don't care in the slightest.

He loves that I can take him to the root - and I like that I can too. But for all his talk of wanting to spend the night together, it isn't 4-5 minutes of constant sucking before he grabs my head with both his hands and holds me there tight.........and then begins to shoot his load.

It's a good load, but not a great one - in size or in taste, but you take what you get.

Immediately he bolts and I start to wander out of the woods. I barely move 10 feet when I see the guy who walked by earlier. He was watching the entire time - and you know I like to be watched. I guess I should perform with guys on the premise that I'm always being watched.

It was then I recognized him. He has shown up here now and again as a voyeur, usually with sunglasses and a coffee mug. He had neither of these items this time. Normally he also gets a little closer for the show, but maybe he sensed my sex partner's trepidation. I don't know. But in another moment, he had disappeared. I've never seen his dick and he's always turned me down for assistance in the ejaculation world.

One day maybe. One day.

Friday, May 23, 2008

I'm Featured!!!!

I know I'm linked to a lot of other blogs out there - more than I even know about. More than I even know are out there.

It's nice and has some sort of validation for the writing I do - and all the men I have to have sex with just to placate you guys, as you apparently like reading about these things I do.

One of my readers emailed me today to point out that yesterday I was the featured blog (or editor's pick) on Gaydemon. I like that for any number of reasons. One being that I never even knew Gaydemon existed, so it is not like we're in cahoots in some backdoor shenanigans to boost each other's readership.

Secondly, I love how a reader pointed me to it.

Mostly, I love that the editor(s) liked my blog (honestly, I like that anyone likes it). I'm into this almost 3 years and over 200 posts and 200,000 hits (and I didn't have a counter my first 8 mos). Ok, I like how they have an editor. I'm my own writer, editor and publisher. And naturally, I go out and do all my own research too.....usually on my knees or back.

Not that it is published yet, but naturally I left a comment on their site and I think I will link to them. I'm really bad about updating my blogroll, but very careful about whom I do. I want folks who read me to read what I do - and what I like and what I relate to. As Gaydemon kind of calls me on: I have a perverted mind. I can't even argue with that one.

They question (too strong of a phrase, actually) if the stories are true, and fortunately (or not) they are. But when I re-read what they wrote, I think they are talking about the people I link to and their stories.

Since I am actually at work, I can't delve into Gaydemon just yet, but I will. Thank g-d, it's a long weekend!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Logan Circle Blowjob

The bed was set-up just so. Perfectly made. The bounce a quarter off the sheets and comforter kind of perfect. I’ve never had a bed made like this, or been on one. Until last Sunday. A pillow was place about half way in the center of the bed with it laying perpendicular to how pillows would normally lay on a bed. It was like an altar.

This was my last day of my last DC trip and I was perusing craigslist. Not finding anything of interest on the M4M section, I went looking under ‘casual encounters’. You can usually find married guys on line looking for service. But let’s face it – I always question if they are truly married.

Though not completely unexpected, I was looking to either get someone off or have them get me off. It’d been long enough that I needed assistance as much as I needed to provide it. You know my preference, but you also know I too have needs – at least every now and again. Not often, but still…..

On ‘casual encounters’ there was a guy who caught my interest. At this point, I cannot say why – I just don’t remember, even though the ad was only days ago. I know I had a limited window of time and he was at least only a 15 minute walk away. His stats were not heinous either: 5'11" 185 44"c./33"w. WASP here, said his email reply.

He liked the fact that I was not a WASP. I like that I’m not a WASP…..but no judgments.

He provided the address, the apartment number and how to buzz in.

The building was absolutely great. An old schoolhouse converted to apartments. Huge windows, wide staircases, great space. I had more lust for the living area than I did for the guy. He wasn’t bad by any means. Wispy blonde hair that could have easily been (and should have) shaved down to the scalp, even if he kept the edges/sides.

He led me through his apartment up to the next level and into his bedroom where I found the altar. I’m not sure who was being sacrificed, or if we both were.

With a gesture of his hand, he made it clear that I was to lay back and relax. My head. His pillow. My dick. His mouth.

I should mention that he was asking for a married man, and I didn’t quite come clean on that one. I have my ‘wedding ring’ and I wore that, so I will assume he assumed I was legit in that category.

With me on my back, on the perfectly made bed, he (we didn’t even exchange names – fake or otherwise) popped open the fly of my 501s. I lifted my hips for him to get them down, and soon they were around my ankles. That left me in my briefs, which were very much tented at this point. He went and licked and gnawed on them a little.

There is something so erotic about that to me – whether I’m doing it, or it is being done to me. It is a different kind of heat and wetness than ye olde standard blowjob. But that didn’t last long before the briefs resided right above the jeans.

And I love it when guys do not take off everything for some head. I don’t. I never have. I am always amazed when a guy comes to my hotel for some sucking and strips all the way down. It’s a blowjob – you’re not sticking around to shoot the shit afterwards or hang out.

BJ guy (I guess that’s what I’ll call him) never kneeled. He stood in front of me, bent over to take my cock in his mouth. His hands were placed on the bed, on either side of my outer thigh. As he’d go down, it was almost as if he were doing a push-up onto my cock.

If you’ve given head, or ever watched any number of porn movies, many a-time, an eater will lay back while a feeder does cock push-ups in their mouth. I don’t think I’ve ever been in a situation (or seen) where the eater does the push-up. I was impressed. This position or act never deviated for the entire session.

BJ guy had a great mouth. He really knew how to give head. Velvet touches and then alternating to great suction. Not teeth – not that I mind a purposeful scrape now and again, but nothing where he didn’t know what he was doing.

I know the pillow was there for me to lay back and get lost in the moment. But I admit to loving watching my big 8”er disappear into a mouth. And I can’t say it disappeared, he didn’t get the last one-quarter to one-half inch in and he didn’t struggle to try. And I didn’t force him to try.

Ok ok….every once in awhile I met his downward suck with an upward thrust of my hips. But he caught on early and understood what I was doing and he adapted his style well to my then need.

I complimented him on his ability. He complimented me on my dick. I can’t even deny that I have a really nice dick. He liked that it was long and thick. He mentioned that it was great to have one or the other, but to have both was a minor miracle.

Now, I know all this – not because of my dick, but mostly because I like dick better than I like giving mine. But he didn’t know this. He was into the fact that I was married. He mentioned to me more than once that someone with my penis should never go that long without getting service of some kind. I agreed with him.

Every once in awhile, I would push him off my dick and tell him to lick the underside of my shaft or to lap at my nuts. And while that feels good, I was just really trying to control my ejaculation.

As it was, he had been sucking my dick for about 35 minutes. I noticed him quickening his pace and applying more and more suction. Though verbally he said he could go for a long time, his actions were telling me he wanted my load.

Any number of times I mentioned that he wanted the load and wanted to swallow it. He said yes, or nodded or wagged his eye brows…depending on the time of the request. I also had it in writing – from our email exchange and his ad. He even said, why bother sucking if not to finish the job completely. I agreed with him.

At the 45 minute mark, I knew my window was closing, so I had to just let him finish. I pulled out some poppers and took a huge hit. That wouldn’t push me over the edge, but I knew it would enhance the feeling when I did.

Not quite lost in the moment, I was ready to take it the rest of the way and told him so. I told him to stop moving and even steadied his head. I then unleashed and unloaded into his mouth.

It was a huge load. A great load. He was a pro at taking it all and not doing stuff to the head of my dick which tends to be overly sensitive during these ejaculations. There was so much, I figured there was no way for him not to swallow it. But I gave him all my appreciative moans, groans and words of lust as I kept spewing my jizz.

I’m still not convinced he did swallow it, or if he had a great reservoir that was his mouth. He seemed to have gulped, but when he was done….when *I* was done, he got up and went into the bathroom.

I did not hear him spit anything out, but he immediately rinsed. Maybe I have rancid tasting sperm. Or maybe I did that day. Or maybe he let it all out. Either way, I’d by lying if I said I wasn’t a little disappointed. I’ve always savored the flavor of the guys load, even if it wasn’t the best. It is just part of the process.

He was a complete gentleman, getting me to the door, shaking my hand and asking me if I ever got this at home. He knew the answer. But he assured me that most men in ‘my situation’ did not get it at home, which is where he came in.

He vied for my ‘business’ as it were. I never mentioned I wasn’t local, but I’d definitely keep him on my list of folks to contact when I returned. We agreed he should fellate someone in front of me before taking care of me.

I’d still like to see that.

Sunday, May 18, 2008


I love Spring.

Besides just the fact that we climb out of the winter doldrums, things start to turn green – mainly certain parks in the area.

Though those same parks can still be utilized for outdoor ‘activities’ in the winter, the guys that show up, are few and far between. And the ones that do, we’ll they are usually not worth dropping to your knees in the snow, or bending over in the cold for.

The same can be said for warm weather guys – but you usually have a few more options to pick from. It is always a buyer’s market in these places.

But we have green on the trees, but nothing fully filled in at this point. Enough for some substantial cover as needed. And this last Saturday was warm out. Well, kind of. The temperature was maybe in the mid-50s. ……but I’ll take it.

I decided to drive to one of the parks to see what was what. At first I was bolstered by the number of cars in this one lot. It was great to see folks out, but it turns out only one was there for the same reason I showed up. The rest were in the river, in their waders – fishing.

I was there to fish too – but with someone else’s pole and someone else’s bait. And I certainly wanted it to be more than a worm. But fishing expeditions can turn out to be a lot like The Old Man and the Sea – you troll around for hours and come up with nothing.

Saturday was not one of those days. It wasn’t the best I’ve ever ‘caught’ (I may as well just keep running this fishing analogy into the ground – right?), but it was far from being the worst.

I park and take a walk deep into the wood. Deeper than I had been before in this park. I don’t know what I was hoping to find – well I do, but… I figured at some point, maybe everyone was out there looking for real fish. Then somewhat ahead, I see a guy who is there.

After some walking and skirting around what was what, I look over and he’s got his cock out. Now, even from 200 yds away it looks nice. He’s kind of bland – maybe 5’8”, 150 lbs, with a bowl type haircut that makes him look like a friar who wasn’t attending any religious services. He stays put and I move closer…..and closer.

As I draw near, I see that his cock is absolutely great. Almost 8” and a very very nice thickness. Cut too – but I can go either way on that one. And it’s a bonus when he says he’s out there to get sucked. It is usually my luck that the only other guy wants to blow me.

As much as I love doing it outdoors, I’m a little wary of doing it there due to park rangers and the general straight fishing population. But as long as one of us kept a watch, I was down with it. I sunk to my knees and went to town on his cock. He loved it.

After a few minutes I stood up to survey the landscape to make sure he was paying attention to the surroundings and not to only the blowjob. You gotta multi-task in places like this.

His tube easily filled my mouth and I took care of this cock. He was on edge too, but a sexual one. He kept saying he had a huge huge load - and I suppose it is all relative.

He did shoot, but it was a very very small load. Don't get me wrong, I took it. I wanted it. I needed it. But I know from big loads - and this wasn't it.

We both went our separate ways and I headed to another area of the park. There was another guy there who headed down a path. I gave him a little lee-way and then trotted back there myself.

The guy was older, probably early 50s and just ok. When I got back to where he was, his pants were open and dick was already out. It hung nice at about 6-7" soft-ish.

This guy really wanted to swap oral, but I wasn't sure I wanted to shoot. But he insisted on licking my nuts. I let him get to his knees and do just that. It satisfied his need and didn't endanger me into ejaculating.

I got on my knees and told him, "I haven't done this often", which seemed to excite him. I 'tentatively' put his dick in my mouth and he just took over. He started pushing it in and basically face fucking me.

Honestly, in a mattter of a minute he unleashed a more than decent load into me.

I got off my knees, tucked in and walked away.

I drove away with two of my first outdoor Spring loads in me. It was good.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

I'm Too Good

I had another post almost finished, but thought I would do this one first.

Last night, I'm in a VA hotel and on a number of sites at the same time looking for action. This kid (24 years old) messages me and wants to play.

He's 5'11" and 200lbs, but he says it is an athletic 200 lbs. After multiple exchanges we get to the meat of the matter. He wants to suck, be sucked and make out.

Make out? Do people still use that phrase? Granted I'm not 24, but still.......

To be fair, look at his lips, they are nice, so I agree.

So I tell him where to come to. Not only does he show, but he's early. I am good with that since it's been awhile since I've gotten off. He arrives in a t-shirt, silkish workout shorts and athletic cross trainig shoes. We walk back to my bed (I was in a suite) and he's kind of shy and not knowing what to do or at least not want to make the first move.

We are on the bad, so I grab the back of his head and bring his lips to mine. They are nice lips!

He comes closer my way - almost on top of me to be specific and we proceed to make out. Kissing hard and passionate and then tender and soft. Tongue, then none. He's pressing into me. I can feel "him" on my leg, through his shorts...growing....erect.

We're doing this for maybe 10 minutes and naturally I want more, but suddenly he stops and says "oh no" and I see the look on his face. I know it's too late.

The guy starts cumming. On me. Well, WHILE on me. He's actually cumming in his shorts. I don't think he had any underwear or jock on. I could feel the heat of his sperm and somewhat of dampness, but I didn't get any actual semen on me.

The poor guy is mortified! Afterward, he just sat there. I don't know what he was thinking. I was thinking - if it were me and I had to walk out this hotel room in royal blue silk shorts with a huge dark cum would I do that discretely?

I tell him to go clean up and come back that it is no big deal. I also figure he's 24 and will rebound for round #2 quickly.

He goes to the bathroom but I hear no clean up. Maybe he is out in the front room. And he must be, because I hear the door open and close - and he's gone. Without a word.

Yes folks, it is official - I am SO hot, I can make a guy cum in his pants just by kissing him!!!!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

2nd Vegas Married Guy

Different guy. Different hotel. Different day. Much hotter scene than last post.

Via what was probably a same craigislist ad, I got a message from a guy who was interested in me helping him out. Unfortunately, he was not in town yet. He was heading to Vegas from Miami for a buddy’s wedding.

34 yr, 5'7'' 170 lbs musc/masc. Looking to drop a load tonight or tomorrow.

Either he was confused about his arrival date/time, or I was, but I was surprised and not expecting when he sent a text message saying he was in his hotel and just waking up. If you haven’t been to Vegas, the Strip is longer than it looks and the distance between point A and B are far between. So when he told me he was up near the Stratosphere, I muttered to myself ‘fuck’. It was easily a 60 minute walk or a $20 cab ride. I opted for the latter.

The guy said he was just waking up (it was 11a) because he got in the night before and was out all night. Aaaahhhh Vegas.

I told him to leave his door open, but he wasn't cool with that. He answered, naked as the day he came into the world and except for his pubes, with about as much body hair.

The guy was hispanic or latin. I would have said italian from the picture he provided. But he was more handsome in person than that picture led me to believe.

His cock was a nice 7.5" uncut with a decent size thickness - and veiny, as you can see here (along with my big ole schnoz).


This guy was also married - which I love. I'm always amused at the guys who will post ads saying they don't want married men. Who cares? Dick is dick. And guys lie. All of us.

But this guys just wasn't married, he was a man-whore. Or a man-slut, I should say. I'd know. I got that pot/kettle thing going on. The guy's wife was not with him, but when I sunk to my knees and taken him in my mouth, it was clear he'd been with some woman not that long ago. Two of my five senses told me this.

He must have known I had figured it out too. Almost immediately he began to brag about the 'chick' he banged just a few hours before. As I sucked, though his talk was low, he went on about how he met her and put "it" to her, including leaving a load deep in her - just like he was going to to do with my mouth.

I truly believe the guy was as straight as you could be while still getting a blowjob from a guy. But this was a guy who didn't seemingly care who got him off - wife, random casino chick, or on-line fag. No strings, no hassle cum dumping was where this guy was coming from. And you could tell, he had no problems in this area probably since the time he could ejaculate. He had the dick and the demeanor.

And though gay guys can be self-centered when it comes to sex, there is something about a straight guy when all he wants his his rocks off. And it's not just not caring about his partner (and he normally doesn't), but it's more about only caring about himself. If you can deal with that on the receiving end - you're golden.

Part of that is their lack of finesse - no matter which hole they are plugging. They treat them all the same.

This guy used his dick like a battering ram in my mouth. If tonsils can actually be bruised, I'm sure by the end of our session, mine would be black and blue. He's mutter time and time again "c'mon" - meaning - get it all down there and keep it there. He was big on cutting off my air supply. Though I didn't necessarily gag, I came close to it - and he loved it. But he also really liked seeing me attempt to take more and keep it there for elongated periods of the point where tears would run out of my eyes.

He'd pull out for a moment or two, just to smack my face with his cock. Or to let me really get my tongue under his foreskin.

And not only was he ok when I asked if I could take a pic of me on his cock, he ran with it. He grabbed the camera, and like an expert, took a series of pictures of me servicing him. 41 in all. All effortless for him....and almost all capturing a good shot. Sure, some were just ok, but I doubt this was his first time around sex and a camera at the same time.

It did get to the point he had to meet his wedding buddies. With laser focus, there was no more playing around for him - not that I really thought there was before. But as he put it - he wanted to fuck my throat like he did the 'pussy' last night. And that's what I'm guessing I was to him.

For momentary flashes, I felt sorry for the woman he fucked (or brutalized) a few hours before. He was a man with a mission - but so was I. He had a load to get off - I had one to swallow.

We both got what we wanted. Sure, it wasn't a huge load, but you know I'm more about a guy with an attitude - and he had it.

By the time I walked out of that room, my face covered in drying/dried spit (my own), his cock was clean - no woman smells or tastes left on it.

Win. Win. Win.

Monday, May 05, 2008

Vegas Married Guy

I headed to Vegas right after my DC trip - but this wasn't for work, but just to hang out somewhere warm where I could relax, get some sun, eat and gamble.

Let's not omit the pink elephant in the room either: to get laid.

I always think cities like NYC and Vegas should be easy to wet someone's wick, but I am harshly reminded that these might be the two hardest cities to get laid in. I'm never quite understanding it.

With Vegas, I get it a little more. It is seemingly a little more transient in it's tourist population than New York, but NYC has a stronger stable population of numbers anyway.

My issue, mostly with Vegas, is the on-line ads: "I'll be in town May 10-17". Jesus guys: it's April 22nd!!!!! No one plans that far ahead for sex. No one. I know, I used to place those kinds of ads and even if guys responded - none of them actually followed through.

Sex is a primal, right now, kind of moment. That's usually how (gay) sex works I've found. At best, craigslist and the such might only plan out a few hours ahead of time, but not days or weeks.

Case in point - a guy who was staying at NewYork NewYork. At 10a he wanted to meet exactly at 11:45a. Ok. The stats seemed ok (no pic) and he was married and there for a conference - sounded all ok to me. He gave me his room number.

I made my way down to NY NY at the appointed time, but I wasn't really sure he'd be there or that it wasn't a fake room number. So in the lobby, I tried to get the hotel operator to connect me to the room - but she wanted a guest name. I made one up.

Luckily, a guy was in the room and the operator came back to say, the person says there is no one named Mr. So and So in the room. Ok - I didn't get connected, but I knew someone was in the room. I took my chances and went up.

A few minutes later and one knock on the door, it swung open. They guy was ok, but heavier and older than he said. But he was grateful I did not flake like so many others - and yes, he did get the call from the front desk.

It was my understanding that he just wanted to get sucked off, so I was a little surprised when he went down on me. For a married guy (whose wife just left for home about 45 minutes before I showed), he didn't do a bad job at all. Clearly I wasn't his first.

But you know me - I wasn't there to get off. I was to suck and swallow. But I'd go down on his fat 6.5" for a few minutes and then he'd want to take another swipe at mine. It'd been awhile since I came, so I was really trying not to. And I think he might have been in the same boat.

We'd both push each other off to make it last - but I wanted a load....badly.

He stood next to the bed, which I laid upon and he let me work him. It got to the point where pulling away wouldn't have mattered. The launch sequence was already activated.

The man shot a lot. A LOT. I mean, not as big as the biggest load ever I had taken in DC, but still more than a sizable amount. He loved that I swallowed it too.

I'm not sure he would have swallowed mine. I never think they will anymore. But I'm an old school cocksucker. 'Good to the last drop' kind of cocksucker.

The guy didn't thank me or even show me to the door. He knew I'd find my way out - and I did. Only to look for more trouble. And I did.

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Fucked x 2

While still in DC, I am always looking for more than just giving head. Lots of times, I find that that is what many guys are comfortable with, but there are times (many, in fact) that I have an itch for more.

Again, it was through one of my craigslist ads – which by the way, I have had to get creative about just to get around CL and their ‘you’ve posted a similar ad in the last 48 hours’ rule. But I found a guy who was wanting to fuck and he was not far away. He also provided a pic and stats that weren’t so bad. Nothing stellar, but nothing horrid.

The real-life guy moved the bar a bit more to horrid from the stellar side, but in reality he was still closer to the middle. A little heavier than his pic and stats said, but not fat fat. My issue, and I’ve said it here before, is the smoking. Not casual or social smoking, but guys who almost do it as a profession.

It is one thing if you’re blowing them and only have to smell it on their clothes, it’s another if with every exhale you have to smell it from their breath. And when they are on top of you, fucking you, and slightly overweight – trust me, they are breathing heavier too. And they are also the guys who usually want to make out.

That being said, my desire to take it up the ass as greater than me sending him away for that.

The guy had a respectable 7" dick and was good at using it too. Honestly, I think we fucked in almost every position. We started on my back and I have to say, I think that was the place we stayed in for the longest time - 20 minutes or so. Eventually, we moved over the the window area.

Yeah, I'm an exhibitionist, but no one was going to see this - not really, if at all. The window was high up - enough for me to lean on/against it, but not low enough to be sure I was naked below my waist, or that someone was humping me. And we were on the 6th floor. Who has that kind of eyesight?

But he loved it. He thought at least the idea was great. I'm guessing he was an exhibitionist too.

Then we headed back to the bed. He laid back and I sunk myself down onto his pole. He loved it. Actually, I did too. I love riding a cock like that. Many times I can't control my issues with ejaculation and as it turns out, I don't really like not being in control. Those who say the bottom has the power, I think are right - at least 75% of the time.

He matched my ride with his upward hip thrusts - ensuring he'd get as deep as possible. The guy was moaning and moving so much, he could have been cumming at any time during the 10 minutes we were in that position and I might not have known it. Truth be told, my legs started to strain in that position, but I really wanted him to finish off.

I started using all my power to make it happen. I massaged his rod with my muscles the best way I knew how. Not in a certain rhythm, because that's what I assumed one would expect. No, I'd do it just now and again. He loved that too. Enough where it finally sent him over the edge. He pumped a big load right up my ass.

But I stayed where I was and he made no attempt for me to get off him. By continuing to flex my internal "love" muscle, I could make the man shudder - no matter how many times I did it. And I did it often, each time getting a similar reaction, while simultaneously milking any remaining sex fluid out of his flesh tube.

I thought afte the dismount he'd get up, dress and leave - like most tricks do. But no - he wanted to blow me.

Now, I had been stroking myself for hours (or was it days?) and a little raw down there. A good mouth could have made it ok, but whatever his technique, it just aggravated the situation. I wasn't going to cum - no way, no how.

But I let him do it for maybe 10 minutes - all the while he was still stroking himself, as he'd never really gone soft. All of the sudden, he announced he had to cum again. Good man.

Immediately, I positioned myself at the window again and without a word, he knew what to do - he pushed in and all the way and gave me a dozen hard deep strokes and unloaded again.

After that, he left - and I went to bed satisfied. Yeah, I didn't get off, but as usual, that was not the goal. I had gotten what I wanted. Twice.

So did he.