Saturday, January 03, 2009

2nd to Last Load of '08

I know I still owe you guys my "coming soon" story, and I promise I will get to it. But I have a few others that linger out there I will get to too.

Like this one - my 2nd to last load of 2008. Don't worry, it ain't nothing exciting.

bi wht masc male up for hot no strings very oral but goes from mild to wild depend on the guy 6'195 brn/green

I don't know who the pic is, but I can tell you it ain't the guy I sucked off, even though it was the pic he provided. Everyone has older pics, and while one might argue that between picture day and suck off day, you could gain 25 lbs, it is rare that your dick shrinks an inch or two.

Yes, the guy claimed 'bi', but his house told me differently. Vintage mannequins that sported turn of the 20th century clothing, were strategically placed throughout the foyer and second floor. Collection of olde time-y dolls and baskets of beanie babies were in different rooms of the house, as we walked toward his bedroom. I cannot tell you how many fag's (yes, I'm calling him a 'fag') houses I've been in who collect dolls and stuffed bears or beanie babies. It is one of those things I just do not get.

I was supposed to suck him, but trust me, this man went to his knees quicker than any other cocksucker I've encountered - including myself. And he was good at it. But I wasn't letting him have my load - that was to be for the guy who I took the last load of 2008 from.

While I should have just cut my loses and gone, I stayed and finished the job. There is nothing memorable about the head I gave - I just gave it. He shot a nice sized load, though it tasted like nothing at all.

He was so concerned about his girlfriend coming home. I would have been more concerned if I though he actually had a girlfriend.

I brought my camera with me (don't I always?), but didn't even bother using it - or taking it out of my coat pocket. This wasn't one for the record books or one I'd be wanting to go back and reminisce over.

It was just a job. And unpaid one. Volunteer work, I guess.


Anonymous said...

how fucking sad! and what is up w the dolls & bbabies! tacky bitches.
Sorry you had to subject yourself to that shit-none of us should have to. been there done that- i have walked out on many of cocks that dropped several inches. you are a trooper-thats why we love ya!

Anonymous said...

LOL! I was grinning the whole time I read this.

Who has not had this happen to him?

I actually had a guy use a Caucasian photo and when he opened the door, he was Chinese! Talk about using someone else's photo....

I also had a trick once that had a collection of those old collector AVON about the antidote to a raging hardon.

Just as females have to kiss their thousand frogs to find their prince charming/future husband, I suppose we have to blow whatever comes our way to help somewhat satiate our craving for dick.

Anonymous said...

I totally disgree. He may have a girlfriend who collects those ugly dolls. Why can't that be an option?