Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Bookstore - Group Scene

It started with a Manhunt IM.

I was looking around, but not looking to do too much to get what I needed or wanted. It was a lazy rainy Sunday. I basically wanted a dick and a load.

But the guy IM’ing me was almost an hour away from me. He had no picture and a very vague profile, but still his conversation was more intriguing than all the other guys who had pics and details.

I headed down that way, but to a video arcade – the one I have referenced here a number of times in the last year or so. Since I have no clients in that region any more, I have little reason t go down that way. It’s been months, so I figured, ‘what the hell’.

Memory plays funny things on us. We can romanticize the good times (for lack of a better term) and downplay the bad. I should know better. I should. But that would be assuming I’m thinking with my head and not my dick. I’m a guy – what can I say?

One hour in a blinding rainstorm. This had so better be worth it. And it was – and it wasn’t.

For those who don’t remember and won’t look back at previous posts – the are of town this place is in remains fairly hard hit, economically. This was even before the last year of devastation. The video arcade is on a street littered with strip clubs – which might be a great place to find horny straight men who need a blow job. I have never found the nerve to try that out.

As with all bookstores, it is hit and/or miss. Usually the latter. This day was no exception. I’m not sure what rules do not apply to these places – but how smoking is allowed is beyond me. It is not a family run business, with only family members working there. That is the stipulation for the law. But guys smoke there all the time. I find it annoying. Of course, my favorite is the guys smoking who carries his portable oxygen. Smoking or not, he’s not on my top million people to get off.

I wandered around, but there were only the old, the disabled, the obese or a combination of the aforementioned. Not the prettiest day. If the guy who IM’d me was ever there, he never identified himself and I had nothing to go on. No biggie.

I plopped myself down to watch iffy porn. In those places, as I have said, I tend to stick to straight porn….the scenes and guys are usually hotter. I lucked out that they were showing something like the best of TT Boy. If you haven’t seen him, you should. At least I had something to watch. But it cost me $10 to get in, I was hanging around for a while – just in case.

Guys would come by and peak in at me, my cock still in my pants (there are no doors on the booths). They were all seemingly looking for the same thing I was. I held out. It would be easy to get my cock sucked here, but none of these guys were doing it for me and it wasn’t what I was looking for.

….or as someone told me not too long ago: enough with the stories of YOU getting your cock sucked. That’s not what I come hear to read!

His words, paraphrased as they might be, were taken to heart.

I moved booths and sections, but it was the same guys. I finally let some guy come into my booth. Late 40s….very dad-ish, but not a hot young dad. Maybe 5” cock, but rock hard. I sat there, while he stood in front of me. I took him down with no issue. I could hear him gasp and sigh. I could hear his words of: “oh fuck yeah!”. I love hearing that shit, so it worked for me.

The guy, too soon, held my head and blasted a huge nut in my mouth. I gladly took it all. I actually don’t mind the too soons in places like that, as you always hope you’re not missing the next one, or the hotter one. As an eater, you want it over quicker so you can move on to the following guy. Hopefully.

There was a long period of downtime here, but these places are like casinos – you have no real concept of time, day/night or anything else. But since I live for cock, I guess that’s ok. But I get bored easily.

Since I do get fidgety, I end up doing guys I might not otherwise do. Like the guy who had been there since my arrival, that I passed by dozens of times. 50s, hairy, bearded, a little heavy. But he was outside by booth with his cock out. It was decent in size so I thought, ‘what the fuck’ and took him in – to the booth and into my mouth. Guys like this are appreciative to cocksuckers like me. They probably should be too. But we all know I need them as much as they need me.

I went to town on him and he did it to me. He gripped my head and really fucked my face. Good job. Eventually pinning my head against the wall and making ‘thumping’ noises for many to hear. These are the times when you can overlook a guy’s deficiencies. You have to be able to separate the act from the man, or at least the cock from whom it is attached. Like a gloryhole, minus the hole.

The guy tried, but it wasn’t going to happen, at least not just yet. We both decided to take a break. As you might imagine, one or two guys had come by to peak in and one guy was still left when the feeder exited. Enter the more than half-decent guy.

Late 30s, thinning blonde hair, decent body and face. He did step into my booth and we played for a bit. His cock was on the small side, but he was still fun to play with. At this time we were being watched by a black guy who was average in every way. I can’t even describe him, he was that generic.

The blonde guy and I took a break and we both walked around. Upon leaving my booth, I was followed by what can only be described at a good-ole boy. Pure redneck. Stocky, but not fat. Thick necked. Wide face. Some capillaries burst on his face, most likely due to alcohol issues.

He took the booth across from the new one I selected. In no time, his big fat dick was out. About 8” and very heavy in girth. I nodded, he came over – dick out of his pants.

Subtlety did not become this guy. Even in a place like this, there is something to be said for perceived discretion – even if it doesn’t actually exist. The moans he made were if we were alone, in a house, with no next door neighbors. I was working him and teake him to the root and he was loving it – my lips, my mouth, my tongue. I was using everything I had. He was expounding, “you are a fucking GREAT cocksucker”. Again, nothing subtle in his voice or at least the volume of it.. Naturally it attracted on-lookers. And with his loudness and breath, the alcohol thing was no longer a supposition.

Luckily, it attracted the cute blonde guy and what seemed to be his now tag-along, the generic black guy (GBG). At first he watched from the door, until the feeder saw him. “He’s a REALLY good cocksucker. He REALLY KNOWS what he’s doing!!!”, he bellowed. No one attempted to shush him. Eventually blonde-guy walked into the booth to get a better view. No worries, I like to be watched, as you all well know. This obviously made it easier for GBG to step into the door way and let someone else take his place. That someone else was the 50-ish guy I had been sucking. Once again his dick was out.

Soon there was a hand on the back of my head forcing me down on stocky guy’s dick…but it wasn’t the feeder. The blonde guy took control of the situation and started silently directing the scene. Ok, not so silently, “suck him!” he said as he pushed me down on the guy.

Once again, the feeder was vocal. WAY vocal. Talking about me to the other guys like I wasn’t even there. The 50-ish guy moved into the room , which now had five in it, including me. Blonde guy moved my head from the stocky guy to the 50 guy…and pushed my head down on him. Between his hands pushing me down and the guy’s hip thrusts, they established powerful rhythms for most any eater – naturally I held my own, as I am no novice. I don’t know who said it, but I heard the words, “he’s close”. I was held tightly down on it (not like I was planning on going anywhere!) and the guy in my mouth popped his nut. Blonde guy – bent over somewhat was saying, “swallow it…..swallow it….” Granted, he didn’t know me from Adam, so he didn’t know what I would or wouldn’t’ do – but you guys do. I left no trace of semen. CSI wouldn’t have found it anywhere but in my mouth.

Stocky guy was so turned on by that, as he jacked his fat cock while watching, he was right there too. I worried about his vocal theatrics during ejaculation, and of course I should have been, but it was not only too late for that, I needed to finish him off. Naturally, blonde guy was there for me on that one too. He was a great coach and encourager to a cocksucker – not that I needed it, but again, he didn’t know and this wasn’t as much about me as it was about him. I can ride that wave.

As much as blonde guy was pushing my head down, he’d rub his hands over my body, and under my shirt. Playing with my nipples and just touching me everywhere he could in general. That was hot.

Stocky guy had a sizeable load, but bitter. No worries for him or blonde guy, or our audience (though 50ish guy zipped up and departed at some point), I swallowed every drop….again. Stocky guy was loud. Really really loud. But the way I see it, most of the guys in the place were in my booth anyway.

After that, I needed some air, as blonde guy had not unzipped nor planned to. We all exited.

In a separate section, I could hear Stocky guy still talking. There is a time and place for some talk, but I hate when in those places, people insist on reality or every day kind of things. I felt bad for the guy, but he went on and on, out in the hallway, about being out of work and scared. What was he going to do? How would he survive? My internal thought was, stop the booze and don’t pay $10 a crack for watching porn movies.

That changed quickly when some emo kid came by wanting to suck me. I turned him away at first, but blonde guy showed up again, and again with GBG trailing him. I unzipped for Emo and blonde guy had his hands all over me again. This time I was doing it for him.

Blonde guy wanted to know if I was close. I was not, but that never mattered, as I can will myself to shoot. He said he wanted to jack my dick while it was in the kids mouth – and I do mean jack me off as I got closer. I was ok with that.

I told blonde guy to make sure the kid would take it. He bent down and asked him in a normal toned voice, so anyone could hear. The kid indicated he would. Blonde guy came back up to me and said he would. It was funny because everyone had already heard everything.

I was kind of close and told blonde guy of my intent. He grabbed my cock and stroked as best he could, as I had it well into emo-kid’s mouth. I told him to start swallowing and blond guy grabbed his head. But it was too much for the kid – the pressure (literally), the size of my cock and the size of my load. He coughed. He gagged. He spit it all over the floor. He took NONE of it.

Blonde guy smirked and shrugged his shoulders at me, but at a dedicated eater, you know my thoughts on that. It is inexcusable. Keep out of the fucking bookstores and arcades. Get on Craigslist and tell guys you want to suck almost to completion and then pull off. See how many takers you get with that shit.

I say I’ve learned my lesson of going there. But I don’t know why I say that. Clearly I keep repeating bad habits.

The problems of being a sex addict. It’s hell!


Cleveland bottom guy said...

I agree with you on this place, the smoking is disgusting. I usually have to change clothes as soon as I get home since I often reek of smoke. The last time I was in there, a few weeks ago, I found one totally hot guy and a few that I wouldn't have messed with had I not paid the $10 and not wanted to walk away completely empty handed!!

cb said...

At least you fed your face. That's something. And you didn't have to drive an hour home on an empty stomach...