Sunday, March 22, 2009


I don't even remember if I mentioned that a while back I purchased a FleshLight.

Why? I can't really say, but I'll give it a shot. First off, for the most part you have (or at least had) to get them via mail order. Well, I'm too lazy for that, so that was never going to happen.

But while I was in DC in early December, I was in an adult shop and they actually had them for sale on the premises. And they had all the models: clear (or ice, as they call it), black or grey. Also with whichever "entrance" you wanted: anal, oral or vaginal.

Well I have zero use to figure out what the vaginal one is for. I've gotten plenty of blowjobs in my life so didn't really need the oral one. I went with anal.

To be honest, I have no idea if it makes a fuckin' difference which hole you stick it into. I'm guessing once your are past the opening, the silicone pretty much feels the same. I could be wrong. I'll let you guys inform me and the other 700+ hits per day if this is a fact or just perceived.

My take on getting the anal one was two-fold. I'm a fag (#1) and that in the last year, as you've read, I've fucked more ass than I had in my entire lifetime.

IF this is to continue, I feel I should be better at it. I'm a more than decent bottom - as I've had way way way more experience doing that, but I'm a so-so top at best. At least this is my take. I've never done any customer satisfaction surveys to figure out what the guy thought about my style or performance.

Anyway, they put it into a nice travel case and I thought no more about it. I threw it in my luggage and on that trip actually had to check my bag. But on the next trip, I took it with me for hotel use. Here is a hint: TSA doesn't take kindly to these things going through their x-ray machines. And there is no real easy way to answer: 'what is this?' as they pull it out of your carry on. The answer they took from me though: 'it's a personal device'. At least my agent seemed to accept that.

Oddly enough, I was getting fucked so much on that trip, I never used it.

But this last week - yes, three months after purchase - I finally did. RG had given me hints to using it, as I'm a bad direction reader. Run warm water through it first and only use water based lubes, he said. Duly noted.

I had lots of lube, but none water based (go figure), so I had to go out and get some.

And this will go against my last post of wanting to do video, but I even had a hard time performing in the privacy of my own fuckin bathroom (the lighting was better!). Granted, I was trying to run the camera, get a decent shot and impale a $63 piece of plastic and silicone and fuck it as well.

Keeping a raging hard-on was harder than I thought. Clearly if I do vids, I'll stick with being the bottom.

So you know, I lasted a lot longer than 43 seconds, but that's all you'll see here. I'm not that bad of a top.

But for your viewing pleasure, here is my 2nd Jizzflixxx video. (for those who emailed saying they hadn't seen the first, you can go to and search for bikeguy13 to get the other one.) Enjoy. Hopefully.


RG said...

If you're going to do a vid with a fleshlight I suggest that you set the camera down and just enjoy your new toy. It's a lot easier to concentrate on fucking it, than worrying about holding the camera steady.

And yes it does takes some getting used to because you don't normally have to hold a tight butthole in your hand to fuck it. Taping it to a table top, letting it hang off the edge, OR putting it between your mattress and box spring are quite affective for holding it still so you can fuck the living shit out of it!

Can you tell I've done my fair share of fucking fleshlights? :)

Anonymous said...

ok- the video was hot...
i am just pissed about the wasted load! :0

Sean said...

You should get a small tripod to hold the camera. And if you're going to waste a load, at least do it over a dark towel so we can really see you shoot! thanks for the new material.

Anonymous said...

Man, you DO shoot big loads, from what we can tell on the white white white sink... that looked tasty.

Drub said...

Damn! You aren't kidding about the copious amounts of jizz. I'm a fan. Keep it up or swallow it down. ;)

Alex from Brazil said...

I have been reading you since a few months. Everthing you show, write and post is hotter than the most expensive porn movies I have ever seen...

BlkJack said...

I started following your blog a few weeks ago. My, my, my you are a busy boy(man)! I love all of your post! Started from the beginning & have made my way to "Fleshlight". The video is hard to find. Where can I find the link to this video? I tried searching Jizzflixx & nothing came up for "Bikeguy13"! I would love to see you fire off a huge load. Thanks!