Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Grindr Fuck - Columbus

In round two of my Columbus fucks, the next one was a hook-up from Grindr. If you recall - in a previous post, it is an Apple iPhone application, can allow you too find guys on the iPhone to meet up with and do the nasty.

Chad was one of these guys. A decent enough pic on the app and some others that were sent to me that were good too. Like this one.

Artsy-Fartsy shot, but one that shows off a decent body and a promising package. In reality, he looked more like this:

He reminded me of Terry, the meth'd out effeminate male prostitute from Reno 911. Ok - maybe somewhere in between, but definitely closer to the Terry end of the scale. He was tall and had red body hair (a first for me?). And a smaller dick than he claimed. Oh - and add on another 50 pounds. Maybe only 40. ....but still!

WHY? Why lie about this shit if you are trying to hook up? Or is that they really don't know how to measure or weigh? Or do they fib thinking you'll never hook up and when you do they don't know how to reverse what has already spilled from their lips?

It was an ok dick, but not 7.5". Try 6". In email he had the dirty attitude I liked, but it was harder to deal with less than manly voice (think again, Terry in Reno 911).

I'll back up for a second. I had another dirty guy who wanted to come over, but this guy wasn't into the group thing. As I conversed more with the other guy, Chad became less appealing to me - and if I had to make choice on one or the other, I knew who it would be. But timing didn't matter, so I could have both.

But by the time Chad arrived, I was starving for dinner and when I opened the door, I opted to not do 90% of what we had talked about. I became the aggressor and said, I wanted his load up my ass.

He wanted cocksucking and for me to eat his ass. I said, 'maybe later' - though I had no real intention of it at this point. I wasn't sure how much I'd have to part there to get to his ass to eat it! Not my ideal.

He was a trooper and stuck his dick in me. For some of his other faults, he was good at fucking. Not sure if he had practice or just intuition. Either way, he drilled me. My body almost at a 90 degree angle from the bed with my legs on the sides of his head.

After about 10 minutes he asked if someone had already fucked me. I played coy and asked why he'd think that. He goes, "because there is cum oozing out around my dick and out your ass". NICE, I thought to myself.

There was no really denying it at that point. I told him I got fucked an hour earlier.

He asked if I was going to eat his ass or just wanted his load. I told him I wanted the load.

He could have been pissy about it and said 'fuck you', but I'll assume he doesn't get this all the time and took his chance. In about 5 more minutes he thrust into me and made a nice groan - though not too loud.

More cum went into my ass - adding to what was left of Scott's load.

These guys fed my appetite, but at this point, it was time for food before "Ken" came over.

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