Sunday, April 26, 2009

Hotel Two Way

Fuck my BF, I'll watch - 29 (lakewood-hotel)

That was the title of the craigslist ad I answered. Me being the "fucker" is not really my style - and if you've read this blog for any length of time you know that. Even if you have skimmed the blog you should have been able to pick up on my preferences.

I'm just not a great top. But I'm a pretty fucking good exhibitionist and that's what turned me on. The pics of the BF and his ass were nice too. I would have posted them there, but they almost immediately pulled down the ad, so I didn't have a chance to snag them. Damn. (I know you guys like visuals!)

Almost from the start I could see things would not go the way they were planned to and that questions were raised in my mind.

Local hotel and these guys were out-of-towners. Ok. Got it. But the cell phone number the top provided was a local area code. Curious.

As I left work I let them know I was on the way. Oh "Chris" is out but he'll be back, come over anyway. I started to think there wasn't two guys and this guy was playing both roles - in his mind anyway. It wasn't too out of my way, so I thought I'd still risk it. He asked me to call when I got closer.

I did. "Would you mind just playing one on one with Chris?" Now I figured there was no third - and never was - right? But then he goes, I'll be there when you come by and let you two go at it. I was almost there, so I agreed, but I went in with a heightened sense of paranoia.

I was about to walk in when a car approached. It was the "top" in the relationship. Average guy. Said he had to run out but that the BF was in room 207 and to just go up. Uh-huh.

The guy was right there waiting for me, as he answered the second I knocked once. Decent body and face - though a little tired around the eyes, or just really really drugged out. I would have bought either reason. Good cocksucker too. He had me hard in no time.

I told him to peel off his briefs and I went over to the door. I bolted it and chained it and put a chair in front of it. The plan for me was not to have any surprises - and I had already left my wallet etc in my trunk. Yeah - it sounds a bit paranoid, but it seemed like a weird situation. Still my dick and balls thought for me, but I wasn't going to completely dismiss my head.

Like the pics, the guy did have a nice ass. He tossed me the lube and he held onto the poppers. He got on his knees on the bed and put his shoulders down. I slathered up my eight inches a bit with his Gun Oil and put my head right to his hole. He was seemingly tight - but I knew better. This was no newbie to taking it up the ass.

Granted, I'm big and thick, but I'd be surprised if I was the first one of the day. The good thing about taking it so often, I knew the signals of how it would work. I guess it's true that good bottoms make good tops (in theory). Press enough against the opening - and that hole will dilate and accept what is being offered......and that's just what it did.

Sure, I might have pressed too fast in after he willingly took the head, but it is not like I put it all in him. It's important for him to want it - even if he never gets it. You gotta make 'em ask for it....or beg. Either is good.

But he asked me to hold still as I was two-thirds in and I complied. But it wasn't long before I was bottoming out - naturally I told him to just breathe, which is still the best advice I've gotten while getting fucked. More often than not, guys will hold their breath in anticipation or something and you just tense up.

We got into a rhythm, but I wasn't feeling it. Or my old past came back to haunt me - the truth that especially when it comes to fucking, I'm just not a top. I think I could have done much better with an audience, but we didn't have one.

I was losing my hard on and kept sliding out of him, but I was always able to push it back in. I decided to help myself and just kind of fucked him and jacked myself off at the same time. It was going to my stimulation that got me off - not his ass. I was just getting off in his ass. A receptacle if you will. We've all been there, on one end or the other.

As I was close, I leaned in to him and told him he was going to take my load - not that it was ever up for debate. By the times were leaving my mouth, I was already shooting my nut in there, so it's not like he could have done anything about it at that time anyway.

I don't think I was there for 20 minutes. I used a wash cloth to clean up my twig and berries and then slammed the door behind me. I had a friend to meet for drinks.


Anonymous said...

I think that it was wise to bolt and lock the door behind you. You put yourself in a weird situation. yeah, we think with our dicks, but sometimes it's good to use the other head, too.

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cb said...

Still not as hot as the pulling the condom off session, but I'll take it.