Monday, April 13, 2009

More Group Suck Off

The little blow job group I’ve been participating in (as a feeder) continues on. While I have been told once or twice that you readers don’t usually read my blog for this kind of stuff – I apologize in advance. It’s mostly all I’ve been getting on a regular basis. Stick with me – hopefully the tides will turn. And no reason I have to be one thing OR the other. I’m learning to expand my horizons.

A few weeks back, I got out of work at a decent time and made my trek to the Friday gathering. It seems to be a cast of players that are maybe 7-8 of us. Not all there at once and not all there on the same schedule. There might be others, but I have yet to encounter them. Right now I’ve played with a group of maybe 5-6. This time was the largest group – all repeats.

I was the last to get there. The cast of players were Jeff & Rob and Kyle..and of course the cocksucker Glenn and myself.

Kyle was getting blown when I arrived. A bigger guy (not fat, but with a few wrong lifestyle choices, it wouldn’t be hard to fathom). Wedding ring and a solid 6.5”, he clearly uses Glenn often….or for a lot longer than I have. I’m not sure how long things had been going on but Glenn switched off for just a few minutes but had to get back on Kyle to finish things up. Kyle had to blow his load and held Glenn deep on him as the nut just went into his mouth and into his stomach.

While this transpired, Jeff reached over and stroked my big dick and Rob grabbed my nuts. If you remember, a few weeks prior to this their hands were all over my body making me feel really good and the center of attention. For some reason on that day, Jeff really grabbed my attention, so this was the first time I’d seen either of their dicks. His dick kept my attention. A nice 7”er with a great crown.

After Kyle was done, he stayed seated and watched the action. Glenn blew me for a few minutes while I stood in front of Jeff who was seated on the couch before me. Then Glenn moved over to Rob. Jeff pointed at the floor and his dick. I knew what he wanted and expected. I hesitated for a second as to not offend the host since he was the eater, but I thought ‘fuck it’. I might not get a chance again.

I took Jeff to his curly hairs in one felt swoop. He grabbed my head an let out a loud moan. As much as Glenn was in the moment with Rob, he had to know something else was going on around him. I continued to work Jeff’s cock until he pushed me off. Even an amateur could tell he was on the brink. Two or three more bobs of my head and I could have ended up with a mouthful of batter.

What Jeff said somewhat surprised me – even if he did think I was married (which Glenn still thinks): “you don’t want me to cum in your mouth”. Of course he’d think that. Only cocksuckers take sperm. Married guys are supposed to be safe. But there must have been a glimmer in my eye, because then he mouthed the words “do you?” like he was actually surprised and slightly aroused that I might.

Just then Glenn pulled off of Rob and Kyle had to leave, freeing up a spot for me on the couch. Rob. Me. Jeff. In that order. Left to right.. Glenn went over to Jeff and worked him good. As close as he had been with me, I knew it wouldn’t take much to push him over the edge – and it didn’t. Jeff grabbed Glenn’s head and dropped his nut into the awaiting mouth.

Stories of Jeff’s vocals were greatly exaggerated…at least in my book. I had heard from Jeff and Glenn that he was LOUD. He was loud-ish but nothing outrageous. Yes, in a bar, bookstore or park you wouldn’t want him that loud, but in a private house it was nothing too far out.

I don’t know how much he shot, but Jeff pulled out or Glenn pulled off and Jeff shot the rest on his belly. I’m guessing he was hyper-sensitive more than volume issues.

Next Glenn moved to me. Once again, like last time with these three, hands and lips were all over me. Rob wanted to kiss. Jeff rubbed my chest and nipples. Glenn sucked me. They’d also push his head onto my shaft a bit. In theory, I didn’t have to do a thing except sit back and ejaculate – but that is not my style.

I soon took matters (i.e Glenn’s head) in my own hands and fucked his face. Both guys egging me on, sotto voce, but still – it was there. I tightened my grip waiting for the soon to be inevitable torrent of cum. I had a five day load and I knew Glenn would take it – but now it was a show for these guys.

It felt like one of the biggest loads I had ever shot – or at least in recent memory. I wouldn’t let up my grip. He could choke for all I cared. But deep down I knew he wouldn’t. He’s good that way.

When I was done and let him up- he told the others how big my load was. Naturally there was bigger pride/ego for me when he told them, “he always has the biggest loads. Jeff is the loudest and he has the biggest loads”. Poor Rob – that kind of left him out of the superlative category.

Both Jeff and I hung around a few more minutes, because that’s all it took for Rob to get his nut. I was in a post-coital high and trying to figure out how to get out of there and still connect one-on-one with Jeff without offending the host. I wasn’t paying much attention to Rob – which is unfair since he paid so much to me. But I’m a guy and you know what it’s like after you get your balls drained. You just don’t give a shit anymore.

On the way out, Jeff whispered to me that he still had my number and sorry he hadn’t called. I said no worries.

He called me last Friday. We’re going to arrange something outside of our usual meeting place. I’m gonna take Jeff’s cum.

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