Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Real Time Sex

I'm taking sex to a slightly different level. And why not? I have the means. Actually most of us do.

A buddy of mine in PA had told me how much he liked phone sex. Not like 1-976 numbers, but having guys he'd fuck talk to other guys while he was putting it to them. As I typed that, it can possibly not come across as all that hot - but the way he portrayed it, trust me, it would have gotten most any of us off regardless of who we were in that scenario.

So the other night I was on my way to get a blowjob and as soon as I dropped my drawers, pulled out my iPhone and typed:

He starting on my nuts


Anonymous said...

Years ago in the days of the old chat/pickup phone lines I was having sex with a relatively new bf when a phone sex "friend" called. I asked bf if it was OKhe the guy listened in. Bf said "yes" (points for him!). So we did it with phone guy listening. It was very hot.

CockSearch2009 said...

Fucking brilliant!

(Check it out, dude - I've got a couple new installments!)