Sunday, May 24, 2009

Shower Jack

It's getting hard to know where to put all my exploits. It's easier to Twitter them, as I can do them via iPhone, but them I'm limited to 140 characters. And I'm not one of those Twits who will post blog-length tweets over a series of 10-15 tweets. That's annoying.

But on Thursday, I did indeed twat that I yanked one off in the shower. The Gym Shower.

All of it is totally unlike me - even for as much as I like public or semi-public sex.

Let me backtrack a bit. My gym's current showers/sauna/locker room is undergoing a two month renovation project. Those showers, which I never minded, were 7-8 open shower heads on two walls. It was never sexual for me, nor was it a place you could get away with anything. For the owners, it was a nice carefree set-up. For the cruisers, if there are any, it thwarts any kind of frowned upon behavior.

That's not to say I haven't done my fair share of looking. But only looking.

For the interim, we can use a second set of showers that is in an adjoining building. They are in a lower level than anything else in the building and in theory could be a haven for "fun". They can also be a bit scary for theft and leaving yourself open for being accosted (and not in a good way!).

But the shower area has 5-6 prefab showers. One piece of plastic you might set up in a basement bathroom you've decided to convert. The ones that sell @ Home Depot for $179 or so. But these have curtains on them. They are not open like the old fashioned tiled showers I'm used to using.

Anyhoo....I worked out early, before having to go to the office. As I was getting myself all clean, I was thinking about the guy out in the outer area who was shaving. Naked. I see him daily working out with his wife and teen son.

And while normally not my type, he has a certain hotness to him and his legs and ass are great as he uses the StairMaster (insert cracking of the whip noise here!). He also has a decent flaccid hang as he stands at the sink shaving his face.

No normally you know I don't rub one out - anywhere. That's not me....or not in the last decade. For me it's all been about restraint and denying myself that pleasure. I mean, I do do it, but it's a very infrequent occurrence.

But there I was in the shower, curtain pulled (mostly! {eg}) and I just used the liquid dispenser soap to coat my shaft. Using my trusty left hand, I manipulated my penis to become erect and feel good. This is also different for me because when I do choke the chicken, I'm usually a dry choker. But damn, it felt good.

It's not like I hadn't gotten off recently. It had only been two or three days since my multi-media blowjob. But clearly I was in "a mood".

I do have to say, while stroking, I fantasized about the dad coming in behind me and putting a hand over my mouth and whispering in my ear "don't make a sound". The liquid soap going on his rod and him sinking into me. In my mind, his son and wife were still working out or waiting for him.

I blasted a nice sized load all over the shower and its wall. Or as I said in my tweet.......I left my DNA in the shower.

The one thing I had not considered was my post ejaculation massive hard-on. Wrapping it in my towel didn't do much to conceal it. I figured everyone (ok, the four people in the area at that time of the morning) knew exactly what had transpired. But to prove it, there'd be a few weeks worth of lab work to compare samples from the crime scene.

In reality, I walked back to my locker, put my suit on and went to work. Just a load lighter.

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Duo said...

Oh man, that's so hot. I've been tempted by the same thing recently too. Totally hot guy, perfectly muscled dark-haired thing, left his Polo underwear on the bench when he went to shower -- I was so close to taking them, but was afraid someone would see me. -Dan