Monday, February 08, 2010


No doubt that I LOVE getting fucked. There is no doubt in the world. And yes, I love it - no - insist on it - being raw. I like what I like.

But earlier this evening, as I was on my knees taking a nice 7.5" fat cock in my mouth, I realized how much of a cocksucker I really am.

Not in a negative connotation way. Just as I first sank his cock into my mouth (yes, not him pushing it in), and feeling the weight of the cock, the heat of the penis, the throb of the shaft, I realized how I live to suck cock.

The power that pole of flesh holds is amazing - the giver of pleasure. The giver of life. Yet it was my mouth, and even just the thought of my mouth, that made it come alive. Hard as a rock it was.

The process fills every sense that a man can have - smell, taste, sight, hearing, feeling. Need I really go through them all with you? If you're the guy on your knees - and yes being on the knees is still best, still essential - you know what I'm talking about.

If you're a total feeder, you might completely get this, but that's not your place. You need guys like us, you just don't need to understand us. We're just there to use and walk away from. Honest, we're not all that hurt when you do it.

This guy today after work was way into it. Honestly, he grabbed by my ears! My ears!!!! I can't tell you the last time that happened to me. Don't get me wrong, he let me do my thing here and there, but his hand was on top of my head, on the back of my neck and yes - holding my ears!

He worked his hips like it was a life long art. Kind of like how I use my mouth. Lips. Tongue. Throat. Roof. It's all about silently sensing how a man responds to this or that....and tailoring it to his very needs.

While it's great to hear him say what he wants, and how he needs it, I think (and you feeders, feel free to back me up here - or shoot me down), they really like it when you instinctively know what to do and how to please the guy.

The guy would push me off now and again. He was wanting to make it last, to savor the feeling of mouth on shaft. His hard shaft was wanting to be edged. Part of him just wanted to dump his four day load, but he wasn't sure when to do it.

I could have stayed there for another hour, if he had let me, but as these things happen, when trying to hold that edge, he teetered too close and well........that was that.

With his hand on my head, he fired shot after shot into the back of my mouth. Not quite straight down my throat, but he was far enough in that his semen took a shorter time to reach my belly, while still giving me the taste of his swimmers.

Yes. I enjoyed my time on my knees. He enjoyed me being on my knees. He'll go home to his wife and kids and have a nice evening, yet probably not giving me, the person, a second thought.

I cannot say the same about him.


Anonymous said...

Your description of feeling the heat of a penis and transforming it into a throbbing hard rod is poetry. And so true.

Anonymous said...

Coming from a cocksucker, I found your story hot enough to jack off to :-0 . . . or suck off to :-)

Dwight Supremacy said...

Reading this felt like reading my own mind!

Anonymous said...

I am a cocksucker. The first time my mouth was penetrated by cock was when I was 6 years old by another boy my age. By junior high, I had sucked 7 cocks. By my senior year in high school, more than 30 cocks sucked: boys my age, college guys, grown men, a priest, married men, the father of my best friend...and it was in high school that I learned to swallow seed as well.

Although I keep count now, I didn't for many years so it's difficult to estimate the exact number of cocks that have crossed my lips, though I know the number exceeds 3,000, and is more likely near the 4,000 mark. In one 48-hour period at a campground I sucked 78 cocks. This past month of February was particularly good, as I sucked 108 different cocks in 28 days.

I am a total sex addict. I am a complete cocksucker. I live for sex and cock and cum. It is all I think about, it is my obsession, my compulsion, and my life. I have broken up marriages and will break up more for the chance to suck the cock of a man. I have lost friendships because I crossed a line in pursuit of sucking a cock. While some would say a sex addiction is a disorder, I have never felt more free than when I finally admitted to myself that my addiction is pleasure, and there is not only nothing wrong with it, I should celebrate it and act on it as often as possible.

Anonymous said...

Hey. Cocksucking was and is my first passion. The hottest moment to me is right before I actually even touch the dick with my mouth. Unbuttoning the pants, sliding off the pants, pulling down underwear... But what I really wanted to ask is when are you gonna give us another hot fuck story (you topping, new or old) like the "Daddy did a bad thing" story? :)

bakedbone said...

As a feeder, yes, the best is when the mouth just knows how to make the cock squirt. :-P WOOF

jean-pierre LaFitte said...

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