Wednesday, April 14, 2010

4 Guys. 5 Loads

I've been on the road today. Normally that means planes, trains and automobiles. Today it was just automobiles - and into some remote parts of West Virginny. It was a pretty day for being in the car for five hours, but still..........

So I'm not that far into WV when I see a sign that says ADULT with the exit number. I've seen these places before and they are hit or miss. Most, anymore, don't even have video arcades to watch porn, they just sell vibrators and such. But what the hell, I was in no huge rush - so I stop.

First off, how great that this place is at the dead end of a service road. And the other things on that road were a truck stop and two 'gentleman's clubs'. I walk in and bingo! - there is a place to go watch porn and there is no minimum and it's quarters, not that token shit. I'm back in 1986 heaven!

The layout is ok. About 15 booths and 6 of those are in the middle - three on one side and three backing up to them. Two sets of those, I can tell from the word 'go' have gloryholes. It really IS 1986.

Immediately I see a blur of a guy go into one, so I enter the adjoining one and in a minute his cock is slipping through the hole, but not before I got to run my finger at the bottom radius of that hole. God I love doing that.

The big head barely fit through the crude gloryhole. No pristine cuts here - all handmade. This shaft was just as thick and I loved putting my lips to the wood - his and the wall. It's been a long time. And so worth it.

I sucked him for quite a bit and he pulled back and wanted my cock. I gave it to him, but wasn't going to give my load. He wasn't even a good cocksucker. So I pulled back and went back down on my knees and whispered through the hole: fuck my mouth! And he did.

The guy had clearly been working hard all day - he smelled and tasted of that. I like that. Not to where it's over the top, but he was near that limit, but still it was wonderful.

What I love about gloryholes is that you just take the dick. Period. It was too noisy with the videos playing to hear him say anything, if he did, or his breathing. So I wasn't expecting the load. But there it was - flooding my mouth. Voluminous and heavy - and great tasting.

I left my booth and wandered and saw him exit. He was a hot, very hairy man. Nothing was said. I went into another gloryhole booth. The other side occupied already.

I ran my finger again and it took a minute, but he obliged me. This hole was even smaller, his cock even thicker. He barely got the head and first 5" after that through. I know it wasn't all through. WV has some BIG DICKED men.

The guy never moved his cock, I did all the work, but he was rock hard the entire time. Solid as a rock. I worked on him until I ran out of money and took my chances that no one would bust me for not dropping quarters. Soon enough though he fired off nice big globs of sperm - and I did my duty and took it all. ALL of it.

I stood up and exited to get more money. He left too. Nice looking guy. Harley belt buckle, with attached chain to a wallet. Nothing was said.

As I was going to the counter to break a larger bill, I realized I had cock spit in my goatee. That saliva that drools off the cock and out of your mouth, or is against the wall each time your lips make contact there? I wiped it off with the sleeve of my shirt. I didn't want the clerk (woman) to know I had cocksucker face.

I got $10 more in quarter - she must have thought I was a slut. : )

As I re-entered, so did a kid in his early 20s. Nice looking (like that football player from 'Glee') but could have used some toning. I followed him into a booth and he just opened his pants. I was a little disappointed in his uncut cock. It was smaller, but after I got my lips around it (he made no effort to do a thing), it grew past 8" and thickened up. Still had skin, but not a lot.

He liked my sucking and talked about how he had fucked his girlfriend earlier so it would take a while. I had all the time in the world. He wanted me to jack-suck him. I'm not big on that, but it's his time to get-off, not mine. After about 20 minutes he was ready to shoot and wanted me to continue jacking.

Nice load but when I got it, I ceased stroking his cock. He told me to continue: "I'm not done yet". Sure enough - 30 seconds later, I got the remaining amount of his sperm. I do not count this the 2nd load from one guy. This was all one - in my book. He zipped up and was gone.

I walked around and ran into guy #1 again. I just said in a low voice: "beautiful cock". He went into the booth I just left with that kid. We went for round 2.

He was smellier (I swear), hotter (I swear) and nasty. He POUNDED my face and my head hit the wall over and over and over. I also ate his ass. He played with my nipples and stuck his index finger and thumb up my ass. I was hoping for a fuck, but it was not to happen. He got hard, but not HARD.

I got a second load from him. The first one was great. This one was so incredibly bitter, it almost made me gag. What could have happened in the span of 45 minutes to make it go rancid?

But soon he was gone.

One booth was occupied when I got out. I could see through the hole he had major wood in his jeans but refused to take it out. After a bit, I left - so did he. What I think he really wanted was to see me. He did and went back in - so did I.

I was rewarded with the biggest dick yet. Long and fat and again, rock hard. I am loving this state! But right before he came, he pulled back. I did extend my tongue through the hole as far as it would go and was rewarded with the last few spurts on my tongue.

WHY oh why would you go through that effort to pump your nut onto the ground? Clearly you had a willing cocksucker.

I figured I had to go. I had dropped like $20 and did still need to travel another hour. I left and was getting into my car - and there was a note. Contact information from the guy I had serviced twice.

I guess he was in the lot when I entered, because I have no idea how he knew it was my car.

I cannot imagine me contacting him - but one just never knows.


The Breeder said...

Damn, my dick is dripping after reading this entry.

Anonymous said...

Always enjoyed Fritz the Cat Bookstore at the Dallas Pike exit in WV...sounds like that might be the one you were at.

Anonymous said...

Yeah bud, I've been to that same bookstore, and partook in those same booths and gloryholes. Had one of the thickest pieces of meat there too. Glad to hear you have been there too. Sailguy

Anonymous said...

Great post and did take me back to the 80's days of "adult" stores. Wow !

Anonymous said...

Sounds like the Lion's Den Bookstore to me. It's a hot place, but avoid the motel connected to it. My lover and I made that mistake once. Since then we got a room back up the road elsewhere... but would go there for fun.

Anonymous said...

I travel from CMH to WV for my share of breeding and getting bred. Its worth the road trip.
Sorry I missed ya!
Next time try the bookstore 2 or 3 exits north. Sunday mornings are great for the after church married croud. God bless WV!

Anonymous said...