Monday, May 31, 2010

CLAW Cocksucker

I have kind of neglected to write about an experience a month or so ago. My bad.

It's another one of me wanting to get fucked, but end up letting some guy suck my cock. I've said it before; Life would be much easier for me if I were a top. But deep down, I'm just not.

That being said, I've also mentioned that I've learned a lot from the few thousand tops that I've serviced. You gotta figure: you spend enough time in class, somethings bound to rub off on you - right?

So at the end of April CLAW was in town. In theory you'd think I would like leather-event weekends, but they are rarely what they advertise and you get the middle and the worse of the population you want. Those guys you think will be there never seem to be - so even when it's close to home, I normally avoid it. You can still get some decent hook-ups on the side without participating in the event.

So I ended up answering an ad where I became the feeder. Eh. Sometimes I cave.

As I got to the host hotel, I thanked my lucky stars I didn't pay for this event. Each guy in the lobby was uglier than the last. I wasn't hopeful for my encounter, but I continued on.

I knew there'd be a third in the room. The guy sucking me had a partner and he wanted to watch. Both guys were very average and the partner was more like a daddy - 15 years older at least (or the victim of a really hard life).

I knocked. They answered. I just dropped my pants (did not take them off) and let him go to his knees.

I like to be egged on as a top or a bottom, but the partner/daddy wasn't good at it - for me and he didn't do enough encouraging for his partner/son. The guy was a decent dickie-licker though.

Concentration had to come into play as I wasn't going to easily get off because I didn't want to be the feeder. But I didn't want to be the eater with these two either. So I persevered. I am SUCH a trooper!

I took a few hit of their poppers and the guy had been blowing me for about 15 minutes and then pulls off and goes, "thank you Sir". I had to ask, "thank you for what?" "It was a nice load.".

Channeling my inner-top, I grabbed his hair and pull his head back:

"I didn't cum you asshole. When I do you will KNOW it!"

I do have to say, I think my talk turned me on more than it turned him on and definitely more than he turned me on. It at least got me close.

Soon, but not soon enough, I popped a three day load into his mouth and he swallowed obediently.

"See the difference, faggot?" I said as the pulses were subsiding, but knowing he couldn't answer.

I pulled out, pulled up the jeans and walked out.


Sean said...

I love the way you took control! The sex may have been lacking but your attitude was way HAWT! Good job. Sir.

Dwight Supremacy said...

Hawt. I was contemplating coming up for CLAW but never made it. I'm booked for NYC for Folsom Street East weekend. I'm just really curious about what a leather street fair event will be like. I hope it doesn't disappoint greatly.