Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Return of Ed

When I travel to DC, there is at least one thing I always do: contact “Ed” to let him know I’m coming to town.

As you’ve read in many many many stories over the last few years, Ed is the closest thing I have to a “regular” anything. He’s got a killer body and cock, but he’s also very nice. For whatever reason, he likes me and thinks I’m attractive – but that’s his cross to bear.

What he also likes doing is fucking me. It is fortuitous that I like bending over for the man. Or sitting on him. Or lay back and have my legs up in the air. Or be belly down, face in a pillow. We’ve done all of these things. Oh – and one blowjob that I’ve given him.

So last time I was in DC, Ed and I had one opportunity to meet up. It was early and he wanted a blow job on the way to work.

I was a little bummed because that is not our routine. But on the other hand, he tells me I have been one of two or three guys who have ever been able to get him off with a mouth. So I felt a bit encouraged about my abilities and how I turn him on enough to ejaculate in my mouth and have his sperm slide down my throat.

You take your victories where you can.

I leave the door open for Ed and like a pro, he pushes right in and puts down his messenger bag and sunglasses. He walks over near the window (love that) and tells me to get on my knees. I unzip his pants as he unbuckles them. They fall around his knees, maybe a bit further.

For a thick and long as Ed gets, I’m constantly surprised at how small he starts out. Ok, he goes to 7.5 but it seems bigger. I romanticize things with him, I believe.

But down on my knees I went and my mouth went to his prick….and I got it hard. Rock hard. I sucked him and I sucked him good. Knowing he was not camera shy, I reached for my trusty digital cam and took a shot before he took it from my hand to take a dozen more of his own. I fuckin love that. He’s not shy at all about snapping away.

I continued to use my mouth like an expert cocksucker when I heard him mutter, “Stand up, I want to fuck you”.

In no time I was up and just turned around over the ubiquitous hotel heating/cooling unit, with me facing right out my 7th floor window to the apartments across the way. Since I didn’t think I was getting fucked and I had a load up me from about 12:30a.m., I didn’t prep the way I normally would. I knew I wouldn’t be horrible or anything but, I like to do what I can. Ed didn’t seem to care – not that he asked.

With very little lube, Ed placed his pecker at my hole and pushed in and fast. I was still a little sore from the night before, and I asked him to stop and stay still. Since we know each other somewhat, he complied to my wishes, but only for a bit – then he started his motions.

Granted I had to take a big hit of poppers just to power through the slight discomfort, but that would shortly pass. It did and Ed went on to his normal power fucking.

The guy is an expert at putting pud to ass. I have never been disappointed by his technique or style. He’s always been appreciative of my hole, and I try to make it as pleasurable for him as possible. And I knew he was on his way to work, so time was precious and limited.

Ed really put it to me, and I took it because it not only felt good, but I love pleasing this man. The guy rocks my world and my ass. I want to do the same for him, so I used my ass muscles more than I might normally do, which has a two-fold effect: it gives him more continual pleasure, but it overstimulates a few sensors too much, making for a potentially shorter fuck.

Again, with the time limit, I wasn’t thinking we were going on for any great length of time, and we didn’t. Yes, he told me he loved fucking my ass and how good it felt. Yes, I told him how great his cock felt and that I wish I could feel it everyday.

Ed continued to drill me. As much as we like each other, make no mistake, this was not love – it was sex. It was FUCKING. He loved it and needed it – and so did I. Yeah, it made it better when we did it together, but we have few chances to do this.

He buried his bone up me and told me (and a hotel neighbor or two) that he was coming. He grunted. I grunted. I squeezed his shaft. He flexed his dick. His load went into my hole – deep up my hole.

I was a little discombobulated, and oddly so was he. I’m not sure why for either of us. He cleaned up and dressed and started to walk to exit without his messenger bag or glasses.

The plan was for him to come swimming with me later that evening – and as much as I’ve seen him naked, there was something about seeing that man, that body, in a pair of sexy trunks. That he would be poolside with me did not hurt matters. Alas, because of our schedules and timing, it did not happen – but soon, and again, we will be together another time.


The Breeder said...

Your writing never fails to bone me.

William Myers said...

One of your best ever! Thanks!