Sunday, October 24, 2010

3 of 3

After reveling in my car about the blowjob I just gave (and drying off, as by now it was pouring!), I drove around the park one last time - because you know there is always something better or different. Isn't that how an addict thinks?

Let's just say this was more of the latter than the former. But at least there was more.

An older gentleman parked next to me, maybe in his late 50s. Silverish, yet blonde, hair with a matching moustache. Not attractive or ugly, just average. ...and he was working his rod, below the car window level. You can tell from the movements.

He was kind enough to show me.

He asked what I was looking for and I silently nodded at what he was working on. He lived 2-3 blocks away and I followed him. We went upstairs without a word. He stripped down, I felt no need to. Yeah, I took out my dick, but that's it.

He sat on the edge of his bed, I got to my knees. The cock looked bigger in the car than it did right in front of me. Less than 6.5", I'm guessing. Ok thickness, but like him - average.

Even so, I was happy to be down on a dick. I treated it nicely. I did the deep dive. I did the head swirl. I did the tight mouth and the loose one. I licked the underside of his shaft ever so lightly that usually makes guys tremble with excitement. He was no different.

At one point I came off his dick and he thanked me for 'taking my time'. While I'm happy doing the quick blo n go, I like to practice my craft too.

I will say this for the guy - quiet! Not a peep. Not a sound, a moan, a word. Since we were in a big house all alone, there was no background noise either. It was quite odd actually. I tried to engage him in dirty talk, but he wasn't biting. Oh well.

I went back to work. On his dick, that is.

More of the same. And then I felt it. His hand on the back of my head. Fuck how I love that.

It made me more excited and it certainly got him harder. ROCK hard. His assertiveness turned him on as much as it did me. I knew it wouldn't be long.

I took a few more minutes to suck and edge him but eventually his hand gripped even tighter and he spasmed and the load flowed into me. It was a good amount, but not heavy jets. No strong taste, one way or the other.

He lay back, I put on my shoes and walked downstairs and out the front door.

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