Friday, July 01, 2011

I Asked Him to Leave

He was on MH. His ad was short and sweet: Over 50! Get over It.

I was over it. 50 is ok with me and he had the body and cock pic to back it up, what do I care what is on his driver's license?

The guy had a total 8 pack (yes, 8!) and decent amount of fur covering that. I'd venture as close to 0% body fat as a man could have - let alone one who is 50.

I responded that 50 and up did not bother me, as long as his cock was in my mouth. He replied back and we set a time.

It all sounds too perfect - doesn't it? ....and you'd be correct.

He came over and did have a body to die for. Also the teeth of someone who had died. Hey, I'm calling it like I see it.

The guy whips out his dick and pushes me to the floor. A good start. I don't need to see his face, just his dick, right? But that doesn't last long. He gets on his back and opens his mouth.

To be honest, I don't know exactly what he wants. His ad said he was a total top. Ads lie. Men lie.

He mouths words but no vocalization. It could have been erotic, but after a while I felt like I needed an ASL interpreter. I know he could talk - he did it when I was sucking him. Now he just chose not to.

I finally said, 'dude, I don't read lips. If you have something to say, SAY IT!'.

He barely said a thing. I don't think it was embarrassment of what he wanted, which was piss.

I'm not a big watersports guy. Yeah, I've dabbled. But we were on carpet and he didn't want to drink it. He wanted it all over him. So not going to happen there. And yeah, I could have taken him into a bathroom and did it in the tub, but you know what that would have entailed - a shower, towel, me cleaning up after that. Fuck that.

He did eat my ass and he did ok at that. He's a bad cocksucker.

Oh, and yes, per our hook-up messages, I was supposed to suck his dick, so you can guess by now how much of that happened.

To say the guy was a contradiction in terms when it came to playing "safe" is minimizing it. He was not only inconsistent, he was stupid to boot. I have no patience for that.

So, I'll try to lay it out for you:

  • Me blowing him (for that 2 minutes) was fine.

  • Him eating my ass was ok

  • Him wanting my piss on him good

  • Him saying he wanted to drink my piss was dandy

  • Him touching my dick with pre-cum: BAD

  • But if I wiped it off, he'd put my dick in his mouth (you know, because I wouldn't be making any more of that, right???)

  • Me cumming in his mouth was off limits (shock!)

  • Barebacking is a no-no

  • Him wanting to piss up my ass was good - I'm not sure how he thought he'd do that without being raw, but I don't know a lot about a lot.
So I eventually got my dick in his mouth and told him to be still and not suck. I decided I'd piss in his mouth. He figured this out and started suctioning so I couldn't really concentrate on pissing.

He asked if I had a little or a lot. I said I did not know. He replied he didn't want to spill any.

That was my breaking point. I know - you're all thinking I'm a saint by this point anyways. ...and I am.

I told him if he did miss any after all that talk, he must be bad at his craft and that we were done. I told him I had work to do and to get out.

He tried to talk me into that he now could take it. But I was no longer interested. I really wasn't interested in the first place.

I made sure he found the door. Then I went back on line and found what I wanted in the first place.

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