Tuesday, September 27, 2011


He entered the booth across from mine - no doors on either. He knew I was there.

I would venture to say he was 40, dark hair, but thinning. He had a beard and additional scruff on his neck from where he'd normally shave, but clearly did not get around to it. He wore jeans and a football jersey and sported a wedding ring. Not a bad body, but one that probably had seen better days and with a little effort could have been quite nice.

He never looked over, but pulled out his dick. He had to know I was watching or had the potential to see it. It was thinner, but not too skinny. It was 7", maybe another half inch. There was a nice head on it.

He was watching straight, all-female bondage and light S&M type porn. I like straight porn, but mostly for the straight men's dicks. His choice held no appeal to me. But I wasn't there for the porn.

He sat down on the bench so now I could only see from his calves down to his feet. I got out of my booth and walked over and peeked in. His eyes never left the screen.

I stepped into the booth a little. His eyes never left the screen. But on the other hand, I never got a shake of the head telling me he wasn't interested. I touched his rock hard cock - which he removed his hand for mine.

To me, that was as good as a 'yes'.

I went to my knees and he watched the movie. I sucked his dick.

If I say so, I was doing a great job sucking his cock. It was stiff, it angled up, and great for how I was positioned to take it all the way into my throat. At this point, I was expecting now acknowledgement of what I was doing or my skills, be they good or bad. To him, I wasn't even there.

This did not deter me. I wasn't looking for acknowledgement at this point. I was looking for his load to shoot into my mouth, which, let's face it - is a certain kind of validity for being there and doing a decent enough of a job. I didn't need his verbal cues, as much as I might have liked them.

Most guys in these booths have a sort of ADD. They never keep it on a porn "channel" for more than 5 seconds. This guy never deviated from his girl on girl with cage and whip action.

I blew the guy for a good 15 minutes, maybe longer. He wasn't giving up the load that easily - and I'm ok with that. I suck cock. I like to suck cock.

And because I am so adept at it, I do different things with my mouth, tongue, lips and throat to get a reaction. One of, or a combination of, those things I can usually find something that different men respond to. Even the silent ones.

The combo to get his reaction was my mouth going down on him as my tongue danced along the bottom side of his shaft. I heard a very very weak "yeah" pass through his lips.

It could have been what he was seeing on the screen that got him to react, until I did it again. I got the same "yeah".

But being a good cocksucker, I also know not to repeat that over and over and over where it wears out its welcome. You change it up a bit and come back to the thing that gets them going. The anticipation they seek. The things that revs them.

In that distraction, I found another hot spot - the head of his cock....or right at the corona. I got a stronger "yeah" there.

Getting this man off now would be simple. Two hot spots and the alternating in some fashion would make him squirt. This I knew. I wasn't sure if he was ready, but I was.

The deep throating, the shaft tickling and the head work had a few more "yeah"s out of his mouth. He wasn't verbose, but he made that monosyllabic escape that past this lips count. From all I could tell, he never looked down.

The already rigid, already angled cock, go stiffer and started pulled back towards his body. Yeah, he was on the verge. One more "yeah" from him, but longer - "yeahhhhhh" - and the guy started pelting my tonsils with his cum.

It was a big load. Nice tasting. I stayed on it and milked every drop out with my mouth and hand.
I was still on my knees when he stood and put his cock away. Without another word, and certainly not a look, he moved past me and out the door.


Anonymous said...

Never commented before but I wanted to share that you are by far my favorite blogger and this story just did it for me. Thanks for sharing and keep up the good work.

BlkJack said...

I always feel a twin to you when I read your blog. Great entry!