Thursday, September 08, 2011

Short. Muscular? Hung.

He was Indian. Or Mid-Eastern. I couldn't tell. I didn't ask.

It as a CL ad. One that caught my eye - obviously. '3 Day Load' was the title.

Three days? Big deal. I go weeks without getting my nut. But I also know I'm not most guys. I've never been most guys.

But for others, three days is unheard of and I thought I could be of assistance.

He claimed to be short and muscular. I never saw beneath his sweater or shirt, so I cannot attest to the muscular. He was short. 5'6". Maybe 160. Dark complexion, but nationality of unknown origin. Around 40. He was going to be over on my side of town for business and wanted to stop by. It worked for me.

He showed way later than he said, which is annoyance, but a fact of hooking up.

No pretense, no stilted conversation. He opened his pants and said 'this may take a while'. I wasn't sure if that was about getting hard, or getting off, or both. Either way, I doubted that scenario.

I went to my knees. His darker dick hung straight down. Normally not much of an issue. But even as it hardened, it stayed down, making it easier than it should have to slip from between my lips. But it did - and often, for a bit.

He got hard fairly quick, so maybe the blowjob would take longer? Longer than what?

Immediately he gripped my head tight and used force to get me to suck his dick. I get that. Not a Napoleon complex or anything (or maybe!), but probably more a straight-ish man making sure a cocksucker thought of him as all man. I don't know. I didn't care.

I wasn't planning on going anywhere, so if it made him feel better about the grip, so be it.

Just as forcibly, he'd pull me off his dick and push me to his nuts. They smelled good, clean but they were small. That doesn't make them any less sensitive. He liked my tongue there.

Back and forth he/we went. Dick to balls. Balls to dick.

He asked if I'd take 'it'. I asked 'what?'. His load. I assured him that's why I answered the ad. It is what I wanted. I promised to take every drop.

I sucked. I sucked some more. He was harder and harder. He never mentioned being close, but when you've done this as long as I have, you know the signs. Or should.

He pushed me back to his balls, but I was afraid of not getting what he wanted. What I needed. I told him, "put it in my mouth".

He started to shoot, and I pulled off his sac to go to his head, barely making it there in time.

It was a bland but plentiful load. There was a lot of heavy breathing on his part.

I kept his cock in my mouth for a minute or so to savor what was still oozing. When I came off he squeezed the shaft for one more drop and held it there for me - silently - to go back down on and clean off. I did.

A minute later he was zipped up and out the door. As it should be.

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