Monday, July 25, 2011

Service (redux)

Well, I did it.

If you remember back in April, I posted about participating in an interview on guys who like to Service.

This last week, I did it.

It was combined into a work trip I had out west and I met the film maker. He came to my hotel room with all his equipment and we spent about 3.5 hours together.

The process is a lot of sitting around and waiting. Cameras have to be adjusted, so does sound. And he was only a crew of one - not that I cared if he had brought his team.

The entire experience was professional. I was clothed and sitting back on the hotel bed answering questions - some that were pre-set up; some off the cuff that he asked while the camera was rolling.

There was not much direction, as he did not try to craft my responses or anything, just tips on pausing from question to answer. Most of the things we talked about, you've read here in some form or another.

What he'll do with it all is unknown.

It is possible, if I heard him correctly, many were audio taped but refused to do video. I did video. So I might be the stand-out, for better or worse.

There is potential for follow-up sessions, depending on what he actually got on tape and how much is usable.

Time will tell, but I liked the experience.

Thursday, July 07, 2011

On the Bed; In the Shower

I always thought Vegas would be an easier town in which to get laid.

Maybe it is in the timing or location. In theory the Strip would be good, but you know, it's so crowded there, that getting from point A to B is sometimes more hassle than it's worth. This last time I opted not to stay on the Strip, as I was there for work and not normal Vegas fun.

Still, off-Strip was not easy. Not in the evening anyways.

Since my body was working on Eastern time, I was up well before dawn and lying in bed, I just started looking at Scruff and see what there was to see. I can't say there was much. Some pretty guys. Some muscle guys. Some ugly ass guys. More of the same.

But one guy messaged me. He seemed decent and sane. His pics were nice, his arms were in great shape. He got an invite over - he said it would be 20 minutes.

While he had the address, he said he was knocking on my door and no answer. I heard and saw nothing. The guy went to the wrong hotel. I was afraid he wouldn't show at all but a few minutes later, he was knocking on the right door.

His face was nice, but eerie. I mean that in a way, he looked like a friend of mine from 20 years ago. His arms were nice, but below that he became kind of pear-shaped. Not a great look, but I was in need.

We didn't get much past the door way. He reached for me and unknown to him, reached for my chest and played with my nipples. My reaction was immediate - and he knew he had me.

While all he messaged me was that he needed his 'morning boner taken care of' we never determined how that would be. In my mind, it was now clear.

It is possibly the first time in a long time that there was little to no foreplay. Yeah, he wanted to kiss me, but there was no sucking. I fondled his covered crotch for a bit and he did the same, but I never went down on him. That was unusual for me.

After playing for a bit in the doorway - mostly rubbing and touching, we went over to the bed.

No words. I sat down, he did not. I leaned back, he leaned in. Not to kiss, but to touch.....down there. Below the nuts, below the 'taint.

Once he brushed over the hole, I was done for.

He asked for a condom and some lube. I told him I had neither.

It could have gone either way, but he was a man in need with a willing hairy ass in front of him. He spit into his hand and the decision was made.

The guy popped the head into my butt and waited while I exhaled. Slowly and deliberately, he slid in until he hit bottom. Then the fun began.

My poor hotel neighbors must have heard banging, squeaking, moans and dirty words. Ditto with the housekeeping staff that was making their way down the hall as they began their daily chores.....and they must have though 'crap, another sex mess to clean up'.

This guy (no names ever exchanged) nailed my ass for about 15 minutes. He then says, "you want my load". It wasn't a question. He proceeds to dump his nut with a growl from his chest to his mouth that let anyone know what was happening.

As you would assume, as did I, that would be it. Not so.

He slaps my ass and says, let's hit the shower.

I mean, I needed to, because I had to get to work. Maybe he did too. On the way into the bathroom, he grabs the hotel lotion off the sink and brings it into the shower.

I like the idea of shower sex more than I actually like it. One person gets the water, one person gets the cold. .....and since I'm the bottom, I normally get the cold.

He spins me around to face the far wall and lubes himself up. I'm not quite sure why. At this point, not only have I been opened up, but he did the internal lube job all himself.

Either way, I was good. He was still rock hard and ready to go again. I braced myself against the tile and he pushed himself all the way into my hole.

I would have expected this fuck to have lasted much longer, but it was really half the time before he made the tell-tale signs of impending orgasm. He pushed all the way into me, collapsing on my back as he shot his second load.

He wanted to see me cum, but that wasn't in the cards. I was hard as a rock and late as hell. I had to actually shower, and get dressed, packed and to my client.

.....with two loads of sperm up my ass.

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Sex with a Blog Reader

As I gave the waitress my credit card, I told him, "since I'm buying lunch, you have to put out - you know that, right?". He knew it.

I was only half-joking. He more than half was expecting it anyways.

This was no ordinary hook-up. This was a guy who has read my blog and knew what he was getting into. Well kind of. It's all different when you kind of know the guy - even if it is virtual. And that's not just me to him, but him to me.

There are no way expectations can be met. There are no ways that concerns aren't out there if I choose to blog about it, knowing he reads it.

This is only the second time I've knowingly had sex with someone who has read this blog. A few guys have found it after the fact and asked me to take down the posts and/or pictures. I've only complied with that once - and because he was a great guy that I hooked-up with more than once and wanted that to continue. It didn't happen though.

We walked back from lunch and truly there was no expectations from or for either of us.

He was prepared, I was not.

By prepared, he reached out to me - physically. Grabbing me. Kissing me. He had a nice thick cockring on too. I had one with me, just not on me.

I'd be lying if to say nerves didn't get the better of both of us, but let me tell ya, it didn't stop us.

I did go down on my knees. His (see, no towns mentioned.....not gonna feed that fire), dick took a bit to get hard. It's not for his lack of ability to perform. Again, nerves...I'm guessing.

I have always had a harder time having sex with someone I know than a stranger. Sex is sex. Anything past that, like names, becomes, more. I'm not good with 'more'.

That being said, we fell into a rhythm. Me sucking. Me eating his ass.

Since I know he's reading (or I think), this is all good about what I'm about to say - so he should take it as such. The guy has a great beefier ass. Not fat or anything, just manly. The look. The feel. The smell. The taste.

Oh, the taste.

It was musky. It was manly. I cleaned it all up with my tongue and really dug in there to do it. I know some guys look for a squeaky clean, perfectly tasteless butt, however that is not me. I want it to taste like man. That doesn't mean it has to taste dirty, just well....manly. If you've ever eaten ass before, truly eaten it, you know what I mean.

Here's what I found so great - and how masculine this guy was: I took about a 2o minute break between eating his hole, but when I went back to it, honestly, it was right back to his manly funk, like I had never been there. That was a bonus for me! I got to clean it up again.

He also at my ass. I liked it. I hope he did. I think he did. But I always like having my ass eaten.

But we went back to natural order. Me laying on the bed and him taking different positions to feed me. Above. Over. Kneeling by my head.

The guy had a nice sized load and a really good tasting one at that.

I know it could have gone any amount of different ways, but over all, I think we did ok. Could it have been better? Maybe. Could we have been dirtier? Absolutely. But you know me, I could always be dirtier.

After our little session, what I absolutely loved, is that he wasn't shy about kissing me, even with his load on my breath and lips. So many guys are done when they're done.....myself included. But there are times when I want the moment to last a little longer - this was one of them.

As a man, I liked this guy. To be honest, after lunch, a beer and some conversation, I don't really care if we did have sex. It was just great to get to know him. was even better that we did "it".

Sunday, July 03, 2011

Show Boy

...I'm guessing he was.

It was Vegas. He had jet black hair, too tan for his own good and the look of having had plastic surgery.

Everything about him read as being in, or wanting to be in, some show on or off the Strip. A Danny Gans would-be clone, but of course, this guy was still alive. Danny? Not so much.

On my way to the airport, I stopped by an adult bookstore and paid my $6 to get into the back video area. Only a thick back curtain separated the store from the would be adventure.

Sparse and not well laid out, this place had odd booths. Not bad, just never seen by me before....and that is saying something. Most booths had an L of seats and a door......with a window so people could look in.

I suppose it is for a deterrent, but this is a bookstore, there are little of those normally.

There were two guys in the place besides me. Two guys and one fuckin' ugly drag queen, transvestite or transsexual. He/She was so heinous I couldn't tell and didn't want to look for fear of burning my retinas.

I was there for 30 minutes and just about to basically throw away my $6 when the show boy walked in. He looked at the other two guys, but not the "girl". I knew, in theory, I had it all over the two others, but that is not taking into his account for his preferences. I get that I'm not all that.

But I was. To him. At that moment.

He was in the booth waiting for me. I came in and he pulled out. It turned out to be almost 8.5", very solid, pretty thick with a nice head. I went to my knees.

It was a fucking treat to blow the guy. Responsive, non-verbally. He liked that I could take him to the root. I liked that I could take him to the root.

He loved that I have such huge nuts. I'm not sure why he cared. He made no attempt to get them in his mouth or anything, he just liked the fact that I have big balls.

Normally, he let me go at my own back, transitioning back and forth from lightly dancing my tongue and lips over his shaft, to deep-throating him with a decent mouth grip on him and then using the mouth of velvet to do somewhere in between.

All of the sudden he stopped moving and I sensed us being watched. Normally I do not care, but it was that fucking drag queen thing. Standing on her bench looking over the top and down into us.

She began offering us candy from her bag and I told her to 'fuck off and go away'. She wasn't swayed. But the Vegas guy threw her a look, which I could not see, where she slinked back to her hole. He was my new temporary hero.

I went back to work. I told him I had a flight to catch, so he doubled his face fucking method and in another 6-7 minutes I was rewarded with his decent cream. Not tons of it, but it was thick and had good taste.

I was ready to go, of course. When I'm done, I'm done. But he wanted to exchange number. I told him I wasn't from town, but he was hoping next time I came I'd call him.

I took his number. I put it in my phone, but I think there are too many others out there in Sin City to need to resort to a regular. I suppose on the off-chance I can't find anything else, he'd be a port in a storm.

Saturday, July 02, 2011

New Arrival

After I kicked the asshole from the last post out, I did go back on-line and troll for what I really wanted. Dick. I mean, the guy was a dick, but I wanted the penis.....not the behavior.

I was back on ManHunt when I got a guy who sent no actual message but unlocked his pictures. I am ok with that - as long it is something I like what I see.

The rest of him was 42 and 5'9" - and the hang between his legs was 6.5".

He showed up as and when expected and we got right down to it. His face pic was a little outdated. Handsome there, he had put on a few pounds in the cheeks - the upper ones - and didn't quite look like he advertised.

This isn't really a problem, since I had a live dick in front of me and I don't really have to look up if I don't want to. I wasn't there to draw a portrait.

The guy was in town visiting his elderly parents and needed a break. He said he hadn't gotten off at all since being home - the last five days. I was happy to assist. I consider it my community service.

"Dan" was vocal, but nice about it. Even his slight name-calling seemed to be nice. I'm ok with that, but I'd rather hear filth from a guy when I'm down on my knees. I guess I'm just an old-fashioned cocksucker.

He did do great things with his hips, when it came to feeding me. Slow. Fast. Deep. It was all good. I preferred him to stand. He preferred to lay on the ground and have me get down on his level to service him.

It's not the most comfortable but of course, I complied. It's what I do.

Even on the ground, he'd roll slightly to his side so he could fuck my face.

I'd get right down to his push and he'd pull back before plunging back in.

You know I like a guy's hand behind my head and luckily I never had to ask him or prompt him to do it. He took matters, and my head, into his hands and held them there when he felt necessary.

Through his clenched teeth, I did hear him ask me if I was ready for the load. Man, I'm always ready for the load. I could have taken it in seconds or worked on him another 30 minutes - either way was good for me.

It wasn't a hard shoot of cum, but a flooding of my mouth of his jism. There was a lot of it and what little taste it actually had, tasted good. But as I promised him earlier, I would be taking every drop - and I did.

He was relieved of his load and his stress. He dressed and left with no fuss. I went back to work. We were both satisfied.

Friday, July 01, 2011

I Asked Him to Leave

He was on MH. His ad was short and sweet: Over 50! Get over It.

I was over it. 50 is ok with me and he had the body and cock pic to back it up, what do I care what is on his driver's license?

The guy had a total 8 pack (yes, 8!) and decent amount of fur covering that. I'd venture as close to 0% body fat as a man could have - let alone one who is 50.

I responded that 50 and up did not bother me, as long as his cock was in my mouth. He replied back and we set a time.

It all sounds too perfect - doesn't it? ....and you'd be correct.

He came over and did have a body to die for. Also the teeth of someone who had died. Hey, I'm calling it like I see it.

The guy whips out his dick and pushes me to the floor. A good start. I don't need to see his face, just his dick, right? But that doesn't last long. He gets on his back and opens his mouth.

To be honest, I don't know exactly what he wants. His ad said he was a total top. Ads lie. Men lie.

He mouths words but no vocalization. It could have been erotic, but after a while I felt like I needed an ASL interpreter. I know he could talk - he did it when I was sucking him. Now he just chose not to.

I finally said, 'dude, I don't read lips. If you have something to say, SAY IT!'.

He barely said a thing. I don't think it was embarrassment of what he wanted, which was piss.

I'm not a big watersports guy. Yeah, I've dabbled. But we were on carpet and he didn't want to drink it. He wanted it all over him. So not going to happen there. And yeah, I could have taken him into a bathroom and did it in the tub, but you know what that would have entailed - a shower, towel, me cleaning up after that. Fuck that.

He did eat my ass and he did ok at that. He's a bad cocksucker.

Oh, and yes, per our hook-up messages, I was supposed to suck his dick, so you can guess by now how much of that happened.

To say the guy was a contradiction in terms when it came to playing "safe" is minimizing it. He was not only inconsistent, he was stupid to boot. I have no patience for that.

So, I'll try to lay it out for you:

  • Me blowing him (for that 2 minutes) was fine.

  • Him eating my ass was ok

  • Him wanting my piss on him good

  • Him saying he wanted to drink my piss was dandy

  • Him touching my dick with pre-cum: BAD

  • But if I wiped it off, he'd put my dick in his mouth (you know, because I wouldn't be making any more of that, right???)

  • Me cumming in his mouth was off limits (shock!)

  • Barebacking is a no-no

  • Him wanting to piss up my ass was good - I'm not sure how he thought he'd do that without being raw, but I don't know a lot about a lot.
So I eventually got my dick in his mouth and told him to be still and not suck. I decided I'd piss in his mouth. He figured this out and started suctioning so I couldn't really concentrate on pissing.

He asked if I had a little or a lot. I said I did not know. He replied he didn't want to spill any.

That was my breaking point. I know - you're all thinking I'm a saint by this point anyways. ...and I am.

I told him if he did miss any after all that talk, he must be bad at his craft and that we were done. I told him I had work to do and to get out.

He tried to talk me into that he now could take it. But I was no longer interested. I really wasn't interested in the first place.

I made sure he found the door. Then I went back on line and found what I wanted in the first place.