Friday, August 03, 2012


Some many months back, I started blowing a guy I had met on Scruff and Recon about the same time. Same guy - same profiles, same pics. He talked a good game, and while he's older, shorter, etc, his head was in the right space.

He is a dom.  A nice dom, but in charge, nonetheless.

I even wrote about him here - and included, if I can pat myself on the back a little - I have the best blowjob he's ever had. As I said then and now, he's older and experienced, so I take it as high praise.

I've met with him several times since and he is truly appreciative of my oral skills. While we tried anal, he is a stickler for wrapping it and I just don't like that. So since then, we've foregone anymore attempts at him fucking me.

But not long ago, he had an idea to present me to his partner, as a gift. A gift of a blowjob.

It was a hot prospect but one that never truly came to fruition over the months. I put that idea well out of my mind.  .....until last Friday.

I get a text from the original guy, asking if I was free at 11:00a the next morning. His partner would be getting home late Friday night and if he was in a decent frame of mind, he'd put it on the table to have me come over and suck this guy off.

The stipulation would be - they won't really talk about the event to each other, and I wouldn't talk about either one to the other, before or after. I can do that.  Oh, and the requesting male would not be at the house. I was a gift, not a sideshow.

I found the house with no trouble. The front door was open, with the screen door shut, so I knew he was home. I figured I'd try my luck and go early.  I was not disappointed.

I knocked. He came to the door. I said something simple: "I believe you're expecting me".  He nodded and let me in.  No names, but I was directed upstairs to a bedroom. The bed was black leather - or pleather, no sheets and a few pillows.

Man #2 was in late 50s I'm guessing, tan. Very tan. Tan all over. Either had a tanning bed somewhere or just back from a lengthy vacation where clothing was optional. Not a tanline to be seen, and given the 'hood, backyard nudity wasn't really an option - too many prying eyes. The same eyes that probably saw me pull up and go in the house.

We got right down to it. I was hoping Man #1 didn't oversell me. Normally, I like to be on my knees with a guys standing over me, at least to start.  This guy sat on the edge of the bed and leaned back. His present, it was just my job.

The cock was maybe 6", nothing bad, nothing to write home about.

With each movement of my mouth, he raised his hips. It was hard to get a rhythm.

I know you're thinking he was fucking my face, but he really wasn't. It was almost like involuntary movements and it was hard to pace the blowjob, which is what I'm all about, and what gave me such a high review with his partner.  I felt like I was failing.

However, this guy was into it. His verbals - though only moans - indicated he was enjoying it. He liked my shaft work, my ball licking/sucking and I went further south. The guy REALLY enjoyed me chomping on his shit hole.

It was super smooth and really clean, so I was tasting  - not soap, but maybe some body gel or something. It wasn't unpleasant, but it didn't taste like "man".  I like tasting a man, not product.  Still, the guy responded. He clearly liked having his ass eaten, which is good because I love doing it.

That went on for about 10 minutes and it was back to his cock. And though he was hard, I could tell, I wasn't really getting to the end of the job. I'm not sure if it was me, the situation, him, a combo of, so I went a little for broke.

Knowing he responded so well to his ass being eaten, I slipped a finger up there. He liked it. He liked two even more.  Eventually, there were three.

...and sooner than later, he was bucking and ready to blow.  And he did spurt. A decent sized load without much taste.  While I love the taste of spooge, it was more the act that I liked, getting him off as a present from his partner.

We straightened ourselves up and I walked downstairs and thanked him. He did the same.

I got a note two days later from his partner, saying guy #2 was in a chipper mood when he returned home and was making dinner and just had a big smile on his face.

True to form, they didn't talk a word about the event.

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