Monday, August 06, 2012

Uninvited Delivery

For a while, off and on, I have been blowing a married man.

I haven't written about it since it is all just too mundane for the most part. He has a decent 7" cock that curves to the right, but that's about all there is to say about him.

He tries to be verbal and now and again can pull it off, but most of the time he is too timid to really groan or swear it out. Hey, I'm into that, what can I say?

He also always delivers a sizable, if not a mostly tasteless load. But it's another one I get under my belt, as does he - albeit a different belt.

Today - like this morning - he stopped by for a blowjob. I needed a mid-morning snack, so why not?

But something changed today.  He arrived, we went to our mutual areas and stripped - he likes me naked. I don't care one way or another. But he saw me naked and came over and felt my chest - a weakness. I trembled.

He reached behind and felt my ass and into the crack.....trailing down to the hole.  I trembled more.  Noticeably. I wouldn't be any good at poker.

He sat me in the chair he normally sits in.  The one I kneel in front of to blow him. He played with my balls. He leaned down and lightly licked them. He was hesitant. It wasn't his first time, but I wouldn't call him experienced, though I reacted appropriately, as I like to have those licked lightly.

Surprisingly, he went south. Farther south. Right to where his finger had been before.

If he thought I trembled before, he got a much better reaction this time.  Again, not experienced, but when does a tongue on a hole have to have a resume's worth of experience?  I also find it hard to believe it was his first time as he claimed. Married guys don't eat ass willingly - do they?

I figured that somewhere he'd tire of that and I'd get down to my normal cocksucking and swallowing of cum of a married man.  How wrong I was.

"Rick" leaned up from between my legs, me sitting in that chair with my legs spread and up on my desk. I was actually in good position and he knew it and used it to his advantage.

Up on one knee, he was able to position his 7" curved dick at my hole. He didn't ask permission. I didn't say 'yes' or 'don't'.  He did it.

Slowly, methodically, he slid into me. I did not stop him. My lack of stopping was no doubt my encouragement, though I have him no verbal ok.

There was resistance of course, but it went in without any difficulty and I liked the angle.  He pumped my ass for a good 10 minutes before sliding out. I was hoping he was not done, but I have him no verbals of permission.

Surprising, he went back to eating my ass then spit on his cock and once again, he was in. This time there was not 10 minutes - more like three and he was over the edge.

As he was shooting, he asks if it was ok to cum in me.

Dude - you don't really care and you're a little too late. I felt no pulse of his dick or load, but going by his face, it was happening.

He slipped out and fell back onto the floor, out of breath as he couldn't believe what had just happened, when he clearly could.  I don't believe it was a spur of the moment decision on his part. So good for him.

Of course, he cleaned up and left - and I was still wicked horny.

But you'll get that in part 2 of my day.

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