Thursday, May 30, 2013

Fire and Ice

Now and again you get those hook-ups that are good but strange - you know?

I placed a craigslist ad not too long ago and got very few responses, and you could weed out the flakes easily enough.  I did get a blowjob deal - but that guy was such a fucking freak.  49 emails later, with him wanting a 3 way, me finding one and then the guy backing out because "I don't like black guys" was frustrating at best.

I don't care he doesn't like a certain type of guy, but telling me up front before I go to the trouble to arrange would have been fucking helpful.

But another response to my ad, a guy saw right to me:  I am looking for a good sub.

Fine with me.

Now the ad was for head, but I might have left it open to other things. This guy took the bait.  I was to come to his house, enter through the garage and we'd get it on.

Getting to the neighborhood was iffy, but the condo was nice and the blue 5 series told me he wasn't living like his neighbors.  The door was unlocked and I went in.  No one at the ground level.  I called up to the noise I heard upstairs,  he couldn't hear me.  I walked up the steps and knocked on the door that I'm almost certain went into the kitchen.  He appeared.

Late 40s, 6'2", 170, porn-like moustache.  He also had a take charge attitude, which you know I like.

The dick was nice, maybe 7.5" but a good sized thickness.  He knew how to use it too.

The first time (yes, there's been more than once), I sucked him good. I ate his shitter and I took it up the ass for a while.  He did end up pulling out and coming in my face - which is what he wanted to do and his prerogative, though I think it's a waste of cum.

The second time was a longer scene, but not by much.  More ass eating.  Some sucking.  But the goal was fucking.

The time before we had also discussed how in the past I've used ice cubes for fun. It was an off the cuff comment, but when I entered, he had a handful in a bowl by his chair.

I sucked. I ate. I got on my back.  He fucked me that way for a while.  He pulled out and inserted an ice cube.

My ass sucked it in nicely.  I like the feeling of the lips enveloping the cube and in a way, sucking into my body - closing the door for no escape.  It's almost automatic.

He waited a few seconds before pushing his cock into me. He could feel the heat.  He could feel the cold.  The more he moved, the more it melted and became one with the fluids in my butt.

We changed position where I was on top of him. I rode for a while, but it was not advantageous to him.  No worries.

On my knees - ass up, shoulders down, I felt another cube enter.  I took it like a pro.

He pushed in again.  This time with a determination.  He pumped my hole hard.  There was no let-up. No remorse.  No thinking of anyone but himself and getting off.

With no words, just growls, he busted a nut up my ass.  For that moment, his ass.  My hole, but his ass.

He pulled out way sooner than I would have liked, but he did it with finesse, which many guys do not. Still in that position, I no sooner felt another cube go up my ass.  The door snapped shut.

He then told me to pull on my shorts, that he had things to do.

It could have been a dangerous drive home:  three melted cubes and a huge load of sperm in my guts.  But I am ummmm.....experienced.  So I made it with no issues.  Actually, keeping all up there for hours to come.

Cool and hot....all at the same time.

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