Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Feeder Daddy

"You fucking love this, don't you?"

Well, yes.  Yes, I do.

I was on my knees in front of him for less than two minutes when he uttered those words.  His hardening cock continued to expand in my mouth.

Billed as 47, 6'0", average build with 8"x5.5" cut, I wasn't really sure what else to expect.

I didn't ask for more pictures, I wasn't sure I cared.  He was a married white male looking for someone to suck him.  No ask of reciprocation, though that means little.

He was a little late, and I had no way to check to see if he was coming, but he pulled up in what is clearly a family vehicle - one suited for multiple kids and all their associated activities.  He exited the vehicle and while he wasn't fat, he was big and solid.  "Average build" wasn't exactly an accurate descriptor.

This pic is NOT him, but a representation of what he looked like, with not as large biceps.

He seemed taller than 6', but maybe that was the broad chest.  He was pleasant, but as soon as we were where I was to blow him, he was exactly what I wanted in a married feeder:   direct.  a little distant.  self-centered.

While those things might seem contradictory, they were not, especially when he knows when and how to emphasize each one.

From the word go, he called me a "cocksucker" - but the difference with him was that he meant it.  Most guys can say it, but it packs no punch when it leaves their mouth.  He knew I was a cocksucker - but he wanted to make sure I knew he knew it.   I got hard instantly.

The cock was nice.  Like him, it was thick and solid - and he wasn't even hard yet.

When he was erect, like his height, he seemed bigger than advertised.  And thicker.

It wasn't a pretty shaft. Gnarly is the word that came to mind, but it fit the man.  It was thick, rough, big and masculine.  There was nothing refined about the man (even in a dress shirt, pants and shoes) or his cock.

"You fucking cocksucker", were his actual first words after we got to the room I was blowing him.  I wasn't even on my knees yet.   His voice, his words, his delivery made me bone up.

After I was sucking him is when he asked, but not really asked, if I loved this.  It was a rhetorical question and yet I felt the need to validate who and what I was.

As I was working his cock with my mouth, I did have a chance to ask if he has a regular cocksucker - hoping he didn't so I could be it.  I knew early enough on, I wanted more of this.  He casually told me he already had one, but maybe he could fit me in here and there.............depending on how I perform.

Unlike so many feeders, he made no attempt to provide contact.  No hand on me, no touching my chest, thankfully no reaching for my dick.

The only place his hands went were to my head in a firm, masculine grip that left me now doubt on who was in charge.

"Make your tongue move under my shaft", he said as the head of his cock popped into my throat and he was not letting me move an inch.  Nor did I want to.  Of course there were the short, forceful jabs even though he was as far in as he could really be.  Not that it stopped him from his dominance and putting me in my place.

Yeah, I went up and down. I licked all over the shaft.  I licked his balls, I sucked his balls.  His big balls. I went back to the cock and worked it fast and slow trying to figure out what would truly get him going.

His head went back, but not in pleasure.  It wasn't with displeasure either.  For some guys - and true cocksuckers know this - they close their eyes to mentally get to a place where they can get off.

Coming off his cock for a few seconds, I uttered, "I could suck this dick all day long!".   Without raising his head, he told me "No, I have to get back to work".

Yeah, I knew that.  It was just my way of telling him I really really liked his meat.

That is when he told me to do something I don't particularly care for:  using my hand.

I get that some guys need that - or want it.  I feel it diminishes my oral capabilities.  That it makes me less of a cocksucker than I think I am.  What's lower than a cocksucker?  One who can't get a guy off with only his mouth.

Now, I know this isn't always true. It's just where my head space was.  But I used my hand.

I used it for a long time. Medium grip, but he wanted tighter. Small strokes while still using my mouth mainly, but he wanted longer.  Mostly my mouth remained on his dick but now and again I took it off to concentrate on the jacking.

It was then when he announced he was ready.  He told me to get on it.  I did.

At that point, he picked up his head to look down at me. I looked up at his eyes as his cock spasmed in my mouth.  The eyes were intense as throb after throb unloaded into my mouth.

He attempted to go nowhere, which was good.  He kept having mini-convulsions of the dick as less and less semen came out, but it kept coming and I'll take it at whatever rate it is delivered.


It's not like I wasn't going to.  But I lifted myself off his shaft, milked what I could, and added to all he shot into my mouth a few moments prior.   I knelt higher, in front of him, took his hand and places it around my throat - he got the idea.

He gripped.  He felt my throat muscles contract and take his seed down into my belly.

Then he got up to get ready to leave.

Being the needy eater I am, I had to ask, "is there place for me in your cocksucker rotation??"

"We'll see....." was the response.  And then he walked out the door.


Upton King said...

Hmmm...something tells me he will be back :) - Uptonking from Wonderland Burlesque

Fred said...

I enjoy the talk when I'm doing a guy. Some guys don't. That guy sounds super hot.