Monday, January 20, 2014

Bi Top Visitor

Going by his screen name, he was bi top from another state of which I won't name - so you won't all go searching for a like minded screen name.  I know how you are!

He was here for work and actually headed to the airport after he finished with me. Or after I finished with him, as the case may be.

39, 5'10" 170.  He reached out to me - and from my profile that mentions I like verbal and aggressive men, he took that info and ran. There was no 'nice; how do you do' kind of shit. His opening line was, "I want a good no recip bj".

I told him I'd have to dial back my skills to make it "only" a good one.

He knew I was a cocksucker and treated me like one - in data exchange and in person.

In person, he looked manly, but less masculine than his pictures. He came across as a non-gay Jesse Tyler Ferguson.

He had 7" that curved slightly upward, a nice big head and a ridge that went completely around the shaft about halfway down. It was interesting and odd. More odd because I couldn't get a great rhythm going due to its nature - both on down and up oral strokes. It was like a speed bump.

Maybe it was just a bad circumcision or not having one at all. I don't know.

Oh, no fears, I was still making him feel good. I was still making him talk filthy - not that he probably needed m help in that regard at all.

Bi was in his name. A wedding ring on his finger. He talked about fucking women. Fucking men. Getting sucked. There was no talk or perception that he ever touched a cock in his life. That was perfect for me.

I started on my knees, him on sitting on the edge of a bed. At one point he got on the bed and spread his legs. I think he liked that position more than I. Laying between legs isn't always the best angle to suck dick efficiently. At least for me.

I want to do what he likes, but if the end result doesn't let me do a good job, he's only getting the position and not the benefit of my mouth. Isn't that the goal?  I mean, I know it is an amalgamation of things that brings a guy off, so you want them all to work, but that isn't always realistic.

He wanted me back on my knees, but before we got there, I had another idea.

I lay on my back with my head hanging over the edge of the bed, him standing beside me. Then in front of me. Then him in me.

This position is either golden or failure - and little in between. With Mr. Bi, it was great. He angle worked. His height worked. His thrusts into my mouth and throat worked.

"Cocksucker". "Whore". "Cumdump". "Faggot".  all spewed from his mouth. I couldn't say a word. I wouldn't have anyways. My hard cock gave all the response he needed - if he noticed it at all.

In the end (no pun intended), it was me on my knees - him standing in front of me, like a worshipper at the altar. And in a way - isn't that what I am a lot of the time?

I would have thought for all his vocals and the words he used before even meeting, that he'd be a loud and boisterous cummer. He was not.

He gave no verbal signs he was even there - on the edge. Or over the edge. The semen just came. And came. And came.

He was a heavy shooter. I could see why, if half of his told exploits were true, he was so popular. A nice dick. A nasty attitude. And a load aplenty.

Maybe he'll be back for work again. Perhaps he won't. Perhaps he'll let me know, but maybe he won't.

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